adj. 散开的;点缀的

For the most hardcore fans, bubble tea is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle — one that can include merch, debates over the best chains, and now, a boba theme park set to open in Japan.

Tokyo Tapioca Land, a pop-up that will take over a new shopping area in front of Harajuku Station from August 13 to September 16, promises to be the “tapioca land of your dreams,” according to a press release. 
根据新闻稿,东京奶茶乐园(Tokyo Tapioca)将从8月13号到9月16号接管原宿车站前的一个新购物区域,承诺成为“你梦想中的奶茶乐园”。

What exactly that will look like is still unclear, but the release states that there will be food and drink stalls, ten photo booths, celebrity ambassadors, and per SoraNews24, at least one tapioca-themed ride (judging from the illustrated mock-ups, that may just be a ball pit).

1,000-yen ($9.27 USD) pre-sale tickets have already sold out. 

Tickets purchased at the door will cost 1,200 yen ($11.13 USD). Judging by the speed with which pre-sale tickets were snatched up, there will likely be throngs of bubble tea fans lining up each day for a glimpse of boba paradise (or at least a pastel-hued, ball-filled exhibition optimized for Instagram feeds).

For anyone who will not be in Japan in time to see Tokyo Tapioca Land, I’ll do you one better by describing what the real tapioca land of my dreams would look like: 

It’s not merely an Instagram thirst trap, but a Magic Kingdom-like park, interspersedwith tapioca ball pits, a boba paintball course, and a log flume that rockets through a roaring waterfall of milk tea. 

Taverns with endless bubble tea on tap, laboratories that create custom flavors based on astrological signs, and human claw machines in which you’re lowered head-first into heaps of plush boba merch that you grab at greedily with flailing limbs. 

Once night falls, lychee jelly stars light up the sky, and a gentle shower of bubble tea rains down from overhead, permeating the air with a faint mist of sweetness that clings to your skin, the scent wafting after you as you finally depart from the boba dreamland back into reality. Whoever builds that will be the first to get my $11.13.




adj. 散开的;点缀的


常见用法:interspersed with sth. 夹杂着...的


bursts of gunfire, interspersed with single shots 夹杂着枪声的阵阵炮火声




He intersperses jokes and gossip among his instructions