Amazon is giving out more than $500 million as a "Thank You bonus" to front-line workers who were with the company throughout the month of June, a move that comes after the e-commerce giant eliminated a $2 hourly wage bump and double overtime pay for frontline workers at the end of May.

"Our front-line operations teams have been on an incredible journey over the last few months, and we want to show our appreciation with a special one-time Thank You bonus totaling over $500 million," said Amazon (AMZN) senior vice president of worldwide operations Dave Clark in a note about the bonuses.
亚马逊全球运营高级副总裁Dave Clark在谈论奖金时说:“我们一线的运营团队在过去几个月度过了不可思议的一段时期,我们想用一次性发放的特殊感谢奖金来表达我们的感激之情,奖金总额超过5亿美元。”

The one-time bonus amounts vary. Full-time employees of Amazon, Amazon-owned Whole Foods, or drivers for delivery service partners will get $500; part-time employees or drivers will get $250; front-line leaders at Amazon and Whole Foods will get $1,000; and delivery service partner owners, who help get packages to customers, will get $3,000. Drivers for Amazon Flex who worked more than 10 hours in June will get $150.
一次性奖金数额不同。亚马逊和亚马逊旗下的Whole Foods超市的全职员工,或者有配送合作的公司的全职司机可以得到500美元;兼职员工或司机可以得到250美元;亚马逊和Whole Foods超市的一线领导可以得到1000美元;把包裹送到客户手中的配送合作公司的老板将得到3000美元。六月份工作超过10小时的Amazon Flex的司机可以得到150美元.

Amazon has seen soaring demand during the pandemic as people stay home and look to its products and services as a lifeline for household essentials. But it has also become the subject of increased scrutiny concerning the workplace conditions of its warehouses, which include 110 fulfillment centers across North America with 400,000 employees. The company has also been criticized for not providing enough information about the true impact of the public heath crisis on its workers. There have been at least 10 deaths among its warehouse employees who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Earlier this month, New York Attorney General Letitia James' office interviewed workers from several Amazon facilities in New York City as part of an investigation into worker concerns over coronavirus-related safety measures.
本月早些时候,纽约司法部长Letitia James的办公室为了调查员工对与新冠病毒有关的安全措施的担忧,采访了纽约市的几个亚马逊仓库的员工。