pop-up [pɒpʌp] 

adj. 弹起的

图片来源:Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream, which opened its first pop-up experience in New York City three years ago, is announcing that it is returning to the city with a permanent installation this fall.

“Our community asked for it,” says Maryellis Bunn, cocreator and CEO of the Museum of Ice Cream. “They wanted a place where they can go to, not once, but to continue to come and visit us. 
冰淇淋博物馆共同创始人兼首席执行官Maryellis Bunn说:“我们的社会需要它,他们想要有一个地方可以不只去一次,而是一直来光顾。

When we have these pop-up models, we’re not able to hold space for our community. So to be able to give them a place, not just programmatically but also to have it be a place that’s theirs, is so important to us.” 

The new New York flagship location will be in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood.

Since Museum of Ice Cream first launched, its creators have been steadily carving a more permanent place for themselves in the world of experiential retail. 

Under its parent company Figure8, which raised a $40 million series A round of funding last week, the Museum of Ice Cream brand has extended to a retail collection at Target, a makeup collaboration with Sephora, and, yes, actual ice cream. 

But most importantly, the Museum of Ice Cream moved away from its pop-up format in lieu of flagship locations, first in San Francisco and now in New York City.



pop-up [pɒpʌp] 

adj. 弹起的


If my life is a movie, then you are the pop-up ads.