n. 行动计划

For much of 2019, the fashion industry has made continued attempts at making products, and the industry as a whole, more sustainable. 

Following the news that France intends to ban the practice of companies burning unsold luxury goods and Prada's plans to use only recycled nylon by 2021, fast-fashion retailer, Zara, has shared with Vogue that by 2025, it will use only sustainable fabrics for its clothing.

According to Vogue, the company announced a series of initiatives aimed at making their brand more environmentally-friendly. 

The announcements, which were shared on Tuesday, July 17, include a plan to no longer use fibers from endangered forests for fabric by 2023, to end its use of single-use plastics, and to commit to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) by 2020. 

As explained on the ZDHC website, the foundation works with members of the fashion industry, including Puma, Primark, and Target to aid fashion brands in pursuing and practicing a more sustainable means of production.

正如ZDHC(有害化学物质零排放)网站上解释的那样,这个基金会与时装业的成员合作,包括Puma, Primark和Target,帮助时装品牌执行和实践更加可持续的生产方式。

As reported by Business of Fashion on Instagram, some of Zara's work will begin as early as this year. 
Instagram上的@时装商业(Business of Fashion)报道,Zara的部分工作今年就将开始。

In 2019, the company plans to lessen energy use and water consumption in 100% of its stores, and ensure that at least 20% of its clothing can be included on its sustainable collection called Join Life. 
2019年,这家公司计划在所有门店减少能源使用和水消耗,并且确保至少20%的服装能够纳入“加入生活”(Join Life)可持续收集计划中。

By 2020, consumers will also be able to deposit unwanted clothing items at containers in Zara stores, and employees will be better educated about sustainability and the practice of sustainable fashions.




n. 行动计划


a diplomatic initiative 外交倡议 


take the initiative in… 在……方面采取主动


A new initiative to help the unemployed is about to be unveiled. 

The government must not lose the initiative in the fight against terrorism.