If you’re a teacher, did you have your own kid in class? What was that like?


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My daughter went to the university I teach at, and took psychology. I’m a psych prof.

In 2012, for the first time, I had her in a class. It was odd, for about 90 seconds. I told the class that she was my daughter, but that to ask a question outside of class she had to email me to get an answer or set up an appointment. We held steadfastly to this her entire time as an undergrad. I would have a colleague look over her answers to tests and ask what they would give, and then I’d check and see if I would agree.

She now has an MSc in psychology. She starts a PhD in January. She’s smarter than I am….. The nice thing is, now, I can help her out a bit. We study similar things, so sometimes she asks about a reference for a paper she’s writing or something, and I can help.


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I taught both my daughters during their fifth grade years. I have asked them how it went for them. They both claim it was not too big of a deal, that it was easy to think of me as their teacher during class time and then their mom once at home. Both shared that as a well-liked teacher, it made it easier than they thought it would have been if I had been less liked by other students. I tended to grade them harder than other students, so other students certainly did not complain that I played favorites in any way. And luckily, my daughters were pretty good students so other students did not think I was applying less discipline on my daughters.

Mostly, I would say that we enjoyed being such a big part of each other’s days and we remember those years. I also taught the children of most of my close friends and it was helpful having a trusted relationship with these students and families before the teaching even began.