• 疑犯追踪S01E09 MJE美剧笔记 我会代你向他问好

    的混混自食其果了。   16. I'll give him your best. 我会替你向他问好。   17. You can't just play god! 你不能充当上帝(来为所欲为)。   疑犯追踪S01E07 MJE美剧笔记 凡事都有第一次   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:插头拔掉饭煲酱    审校:记忆的笑脸614)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟  

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E08 MJE美剧笔记 我只能走这么远了

    This is as far as I go. 我就只能走这么远了。   10. As far as I can tell, it's a story. 就我所知,这是一个故事。 11. We burned it to the ground. 我们把它烧为灰烬。 12. I will have no part in it. 我不会参与其中。   13. Did you get your fill of [w=snoop]snooping[/w] yet? 你看够了没有?   14. Nothing to see here, just run along. 没什么好看的,走你的路吧。   15. Are you gonna root through his stuff all night? 你打算一整晚都乱翻他的东西吗?   吸血鬼日记S03E07 MJE美剧笔记 你光说不干的   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟    (整理/排版:im_xxy    校对:记忆的笑脸614)

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E12 MJE美剧笔记 还撑得住吗

    醒了我。   7. What brings you to me? 什么风把你吹到我这儿来了?   8. What's going on with you two? 你们两个怎么了? 9. I'm looking for red flags. 我在找危险信号。   10. Let's make a reasonable deal. 做一个公平交易吧。   11. It doesn't have to fall on you. 你没必要去管这事。   12. This is the way it has to be. 必须这么做。   13. You kept your end of the bargain. 你守住了你的承诺。   14. I couldn't place her face at first. 一开始我认不出她来。   15. I take it you two had a heart to heart. 我想你们俩已经谈过心了。   吸血鬼日记S03E11 MJE美剧笔记 看看谁来了   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:im_xxy    审校:记忆的笑脸614)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 老友记S01E13 MJE美剧笔记 明天我得早起

    口语精华: 1. Are you currently involved with anyone? 你目前有交往的对象吗?   2. You have to pick your moments. 你说话得找准时机。   3. I got an early day tomorrow. 我明天得早起。   4. Has her water broken yet? 她的羊水破了吗?   5. Ow! Leg cramp! 哦!我脚抽筋!   老友记S01E22  MJE美剧笔记 他和我们年纪差不多 作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:小虾米—Amy    审校:Cecil)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟  

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E04 MJE美剧笔记 我不敢相信这是真的

    望你别像个吸血鬼那样行事。       -Damon: I am not Stefan. How about you stop trying to turn me into him?    我不是斯特凡,倒不如你放弃试图把我变成他。   吸血鬼日记S03E03 MJE美剧笔记 我想他懂我的   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟    (整理/排版  诗-Wei    校对  我的美剧口语梦)

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E01 MJE美剧笔记 不要放弃我

    口语精华: 1. Aim high. 目标远大啊!   2. Normal and [w]mundane[/w]. 一切正常。   3. That's the spirit. 要的就是这种干劲。   4. Well, that explains it. 如此,这就解释得通了。   5. Please don't be [w]alarmed[/w]. 别紧张。   6. I was just hoping I could use your phone. 我只是在想可不可以用一下你的电话。   7. I'll do whatever you want. 你想我做什么都行。   8. I never said yes in the first place. 一开始我就没答应过。   9. You needed some normal in your life. 你需要过回正常人的生活。   10. You can embrace what you truly are. 坦然面对真实的你吧。   11. Something's up with your mother. 你妈妈有点不对劲。   12.I don't know why you just don't come clean. 我不明白你为什么不坦白呢。   13. And you have got to get a life. 而你也得去放松一下自己了。   14. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to [w]explode[/w]. 有时候我觉得我要爆炸了。   经典台词:   1. Klaus: But every time you feed, the blood makes it easier to let go. 但你每喝一次血,离释怀就更近一分。   2. Damon: You should have met me in 1864. You would have liked me. 在1864年我们就该见面,你那时会喜欢我的。   3. Elena: Hold on to that. Never let that go. 记住这一点,永远别忘了。    4. Elena: You can survive this. Whatever you do, I love you, Stefan. 你可以撑过去,不管你做了什么 ,我都爱你,Stefan。   金装律师S02E03 MJE美剧笔记 你触到我的痛处了   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟   整理/排版  诗—Wei   校对  我的美剧口语梦

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E02 MJE美剧笔记 别出卖我

    ,心也不在了。   4. Matt: Not keeping up on her comings and goings anymore. 我现在不去留意她的去向了。   5. Tyler: Look, man, I never meant for me and her being friends to be a problem for you. 伙计,我从不想让我和她的友谊成为你的烦恼。   吸血鬼日记S03E01 MJE美剧笔记 不要放弃我 作者@MJE美剧口语联盟    (整理/排版  诗—Wei    校对  我的美剧口语梦)

  • 疑犯追踪S01E05 MJE美剧笔记 让他听电话

    件事画上终止符的。   7. Put him on the phone. 让他听电话。   8. Be seated. 请坐。   9. Objection, your Honor. [w=Sustain]Sustained[/w]. (法庭中)反对,法官大人。反对有效。   10. You had your chance. 我给过你机会了。   经典台词:   1. Fusco:Whatever else I've done, I'm still a [w]cop[/w]. If you need some help, you let me know. 不管我以前做了什么,我依然是个警察。你若需要帮助随时可以找我。   2. Reese: Word at the [w]courthouse[/w] is he's [w=wage]waging[/w] a one-man war on crime. 法院人们的说法是他以一己之力向犯罪活动展开斗争。   3. Reese: I'm, uh, not great at keeping in touch with people. 我不是很擅长和人保持联系。   疑犯追踪S01E04 MJE美剧笔记 世上本无好人   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版  插头拔掉饭煲酱    审校  Wind)

  • 吸血鬼日记S03E05 MJE美剧笔记 就当是直觉吧

    道理。   3. Head on home. 回家吧。   4. You're all [w]lame[/w]. 你们真逊!   5. Quite the temper. 脾气不小啊!   6. No turning back. 没得反悔了。   7. Call it a [w]hunch[/w]. 就当是直觉吧。 8. Well, the [w]verdict[/w]'s in. 有结果了。   9. Don't be an ass. 别那么蠢。   10. Don't leave out the hard part. 不要避重就轻。   11. If you want to make an [w]omelet[/w], you have to break a few eggs. 舍不得孩子套不着狼。   经典台词:   1. Stefan: I listen to the words that come out of your mouth, and all I hear is the sound of your heart pumping blood through your body. And when that clock ticks down...I'm going to have to feed on you. 我想听清你口中说出的话,却只听见你的心脏泵血到你全身的脉动声。随着时间推移,我将不得不喝你的血。   2. Klaus: Now this is fascinating. I've never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl. Why don't you turn it off? 实在太妙了, 我还从没见识过,唯一比你的嗜血欲望更强烈的,竟然是你对这姑娘的爱。干嘛不封闭你的感情?   3. Bonnie: You don't want to be a part of all this, Matt. You are the only one of us who actually gets to live your life like a normal person. No matter how lost you feel, don't forget that. 你不会想牵涉到这些事当中的, 马特。你是我们当中唯一一个能像普通人一样生活的。不管你感到多么失落,别忘了这点。   吸血鬼日记S03E04 MJE美剧笔记 我不敢相信这是真的   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟   (整理/排版  诗-Wei    校对  笑脸)

  • 老友记S01E22 MJE美剧笔记 他和我们年纪差不多

    口语精华: 1. Rob the [w]cradle[/w]. 老牛吃嫩草。   2. Well, it's somewhere in between. 这介于两者之间。   3. He's our age. 他和我们年纪差不多。   4. Oh, head rush. 哦,脑充血(久坐后站起来)。   5. Oh, I can't pass for 22? 我不能唬别人自己是22岁吗?   6. They even do you. 他们甚至还模仿你。   7. I have no frame of reference. 我没有什么可供来参考。   8. Just a touch. 只是一点点。   老友记S01E17  MJE美剧笔记 他对你很着迷   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:小虾米-Amy   审校:Cecil)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟