• 尼基塔S02E10 MJE美剧笔记 不是你想的那样

    我们说好的不一样。   4. Take care with your tone. 注意你的语气。   5. You are [w=tread]treading[/w] on dangerous ground. 你这是在挑起争端。   6. Fall back. 撤退。   7. We will double check. 我们会再确认一次。   8. What are you looking to buy? 你想买什么?   9. Step away.  走开。   10. No more excuses. 不要再找借口了。   11. It kind of sucks. 这感觉有点糟。   12. It's not what you think. 不是你想的那样。   尼基塔S02E09  MJE美剧笔记 我没打算除掉谁   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:喀雅    校对:Cecil)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 越狱S01E03 MJE美剧笔记 你对他了解多少

    。 3. Scofield: Figured I could play their game and watch him die in the process, or I could take matters into my own hands. 我不想被他们玩弄,眼睁睁地看着他死,我要把一切掌握在自己手中。 4. Sucre: That's [w]cardinal[/w] sin number one. 这是罪加一等。   越狱S01E05 MJE美剧笔记 那仅仅是巧合吗 作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:Shirley-MJE    审校:我的美剧口语梦)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 老友记S01E11 MJE美剧笔记 敞开心扉

    别了。    6. I'm [w]famished[/w]. 我饿死了。   7. I think you need to come out of your shell. 我觉得你需要敞开心扉。   8. We kind of just, you know, lost track of time. 我们有点忘了时间。   9. I thought I'd give it a shot. 我想要尝试一下。   10. That makes more sense. 那样说更有理。 11. You broke the [w]code[/w]. 你违反了规定。   12. I'm [w]scum[/w]. 我是人渣。 13. Sounds like you two have issues. 你们似乎有点争执。 14. I guess I'll see you around. 那就再见了。   15. What did you do with him? 你把他怎么了?   经典台词:   1. Mrs.Bing: You okay, [w]slugger[/w]? 你还好吗,猛男?   2. Mrs.Bing: He's just a complication you eventually kill off. 他终将会被你解决掉的。   3. Ross: Okay, I think we're getting into a [w]weird[/w] area here. 好吧,我觉得我们愈说愈离谱了。   4. Ross: But we don't have to go down that road. 但我们不必继续说下去了吧。   5. Chandler: No one knows the [w]crap[/w] I go through with my mom more than you. 我和我妈之间的那些麻烦事,没有人比你更清楚的了。   6. Ross: I can't believe we are having this conversation. 没想到我们竟然会谈论这个。   吸血鬼日记S03E02 MJE美剧笔记 别出卖我   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟   (整理/排版  小虾米Amy    校对  我的美剧口语梦)

  • 金装律师S02E02 MJE美剧笔记 这是我的底线

    ]irritated[/w] by you, [w]exasperated[/w] with you, and angry at you, but I never thought I'd feel betrayed by you. 我被你惹恼过,激怒过,也对你发过火,但我从没想过我会感觉你背叛了我。 金装律师S01E01 MJE美剧笔记 可造之材 作者@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 尼基塔S02E04 MJE美剧笔记 我别无选择

    can discuss the Semak matter over tea like [w]civilized[/w] people. 这样我们可以像文明人士一样,一边喝茶一边讨论Semak的事。   3. Percy: The baby bird prepares to leave the nest. Will you be willing to let this one fly away? 雏鸟准备离巢了。你愿意让这只鸟展翅高飞吗?   尼基塔S02E03 MJE美剧笔记 真是惊艳   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟   (整理/排版  棠无    校对  我的美剧口语梦)

  • 金装律师S02E01 MJE美剧笔记 可造之才

    就是你将面对的。你女儿会知道她父亲是一个怎样的人。每一件事情。你觉得我不会这么做吗?我会的。 3. Standing there in your fancy suit calling my story bullshit? You don't even know what it is. 穿着昂贵的西装站在这说别人的事是狗屁?你根本连实际情况都没了解。 4. - You know, you and Daniel are cut from the same cloth. -你知道吗,你和Daniel简直就是师出同门。 -That’s why I don’t like him.There can be only one. -那就是为什么我不喜欢他的原因。一山不容二虎 吸血鬼日记S3E21MJE美剧笔记 独自一人无依无靠 作者@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 尼基塔S02E09 MJE美剧笔记 我没打算除掉谁

    今晚就有一架飞机起飞。   15. I'll take care of this. 我会处理的。    16. You got skills. 你还真有两下子。   17. Why are you so taken with her? 为什么你被她迷得神魂颠倒?   18. Put me on hold. 先别挂。   19. They're pushed to the edge. 他们被逼急了。   20. I flew too close to the sun on this one. 这次我玩火自焚了。   21. Listen, if you do get into a [w]bind[/w], you call someone. 听着,如果遇上什么麻烦,你要打电话求助。   尼基塔S02E08 MJE美剧笔记 这怎么回事   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟 (整理/排版:潜水的石头    校对:Cecil) 欢迎关注我们的新浪围脖 @MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 尼基塔S02E13 MJE美剧笔记 谢谢你关心

    难了。   15. Keep an eye on him, report back to me. 盯住他,向我汇报。   16. I intend to drown him in a pool of his own [w]acid[/w]. 我想让他尝尝作茧自缚的滋味。   17. You don't have to get caught up in this war, you have options. 你不需要卷入这场战争,你还有别的选择。   18. You, here. What are the odds? 你也在这儿,真巧啊。   19. You're knee-deep in Nikita's war with no end in sight. 你深陷在尼基塔的战争里,看不到战争的尽头。   20. We'll get to work on a cover story right away. 我们要准备掩饰的说辞了。   21. As you say, we should all keep our heads down. 如你所言,我们都该低调点。   22. How can I repay you? 我该怎么报答你?   尼基塔S02E09  MJE美剧笔记 我没打算除掉谁   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:潜水的石头   审校:Cecil)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟  

  • 疑犯追踪S01E12 MJE美剧笔记 我向你保证

    , I'm all thumbs today. 对不起,我今天有点笨手笨脚的。   9. I take it he has a lot of money. 我猜他有很多钱。   疑犯追踪S01E07 MJE美剧笔记 凡事都有第一次   作者 MJE美剧口语联盟  (整理/排版:插头拔掉饭煲酱    审校:记忆的笑脸614)   欢迎关注我们的新浪微博@MJE美剧口语联盟

  • 尼基塔S02E06 MJE美剧笔记 你在想什么

    口语精华: 1. Knock yourself out. 随便点,不必客气。   2. Like father, like daughter. 有其父必有其女。   3. I was cut out for this. 我天生就是干这个的料。   4. She went behind my back. 她是背着我做的。   5. That doesn't sit well with me. 我看不下去了。   6. I'm not any good at this. 我根本不适合做这种事。   7. Well, that depends. 嗯,那要试情况而定。   8. Not gonna happen. 不可能。   9. Easy to miss. 很容易错过。   10. What's on your mind? 你在想什么?   经典台词:   1. Nikita: You want somthing done right, you have to do it yourself. 如果想要事情顺利完成,你就得自己去做   2. Michael: Might get things off on the wrong foot. 这可能会弄巧成拙。   4. Someone: Nobody gives a [w]damn[/w] about trash. 没人会对垃圾上心的。   5. Nikita: Time to come in from the cold, Alex. 你该浪子回头了,艾利克斯。   6. Nikita: I just feel like you're [w=sacrifice]sacrificing[/w] so much for me and I'm not doing anything for you. 我只是觉得你为我牺牲了如此之多,而我却没有为你做什么事。    尼基塔S02E05 MJE美剧笔记 我记不得了   作者@MJE美剧口语联盟   (整理/排版  喀雅    校对  笑脸)