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    用了富有的客户想让孩子进名校的焦虑,以及他们愿意花巨资让他进行非法操作的心态。[/cn] [en]Huffman was one of 33 parents charged in March in a sweeping investigation into Singer’s scheme. Some, like Huffman, were accused of paying Singer to boost their children’s SAT and ACT scores.[/en] [cn]三月份在全面调查辛格的计划时有包括霍夫曼在内的33位家长被起诉,其中像霍夫曼这样的一些人被控告付钱给辛格提高孩子的SAT和ACT分数。[/cn] [en]Others were alleged to have paid larger, six-figure sums to slip their children into elite schools — Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, UCLA and USC, among others — as purported athletic recruits for sports they didn’t play.[/en] [cn]据称其他人出价高达6位数,就为了把孩子送入名校伪装成所谓的运动员新兵,但这些运动他们并未参

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    用作引申。 shrink侧重指因收缩而达不到原

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    用作借喻,表克制、压抑感情、欲望等。   2. discover vt. 发现;发觉;vi. 发现 词义辨析:discover,find,detect,ascertain这些动词均有“发现”之意。 discover普通用词,指发现本来存在,但示被认识的事物、真理或情况。 find普通用词,可指偶然发现,也可指经过寻找后得到或重新获得已

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    【影片独白台词】 Oh, you guys are the best. Oh, hey, here she is. Okay, Susan, Bree, Gaby, this is my old college.roommate, Renee. Hi. It is so nice to finally meet you. Lynette has talked so much.about her friend from college. Oh, yes, you know how in school the pretty girls always [w]hang out[/w] together? Well, I refused to [w]go along with[/w] that. Renee comes off a little [w]stuck up[/w] when you first meet her,which is a real [w]time-saver[/w]. Sit down! So, Renee, you have to tell us. What was Lynette like in college? Uh, absolutely [w]fearless[/w]. She just kept wearing those parachute pants, lesbian rumors be damned. Yes, Renee was always the.one with the fashion sense. Before I met her, I'd never even heard of Gucci or Prada... Or chlamydia. Wow, you guys [w]play rough[/w]. No, it's just what we do.It's fun. I [w]tease[/w] her about being all botulism from the nose up... And I tease her about being all cottage cheese from the waist down. So, Renee, we hear that.you're married to Doug Perry? The baseball player? No surprise there. In our [w]sorority[/w], Renee was voted.most likely to marry well. And Lynette was voted.most likely to succeed. So, Bree, I hear.you're an amazing cook. Hang on a second. What was that? What? That... "Aw." Oh, nothing. I just didn't wanna...make you feel bad. About what? Well, it... it's just that, uh, I think our college.friends would be surprised to see how you ended up. Oh, I thought they.were still playing. You know, Renee, I have had a.career and raised a family. And that's great. It's just that we had.such high hopes for you. At least I didn't spend the last 15 years sponging off a rich guy.Hey, let's stop before somebody gets hurt. Whatever I got, I got on my own. And what have you got? A blouse from the."I've stopped trying" collection and a pair of earrings.your kid made at camp? And... somebody got hurt. That's great. Easy shots.You got more money than me. Oh, it's not about the money. The Lynette I knew never.would have settled for this. You were [w]adventurous[/w]. You backpacked through Croatia. You jumped onstage at.a Springsteen concert. It's just hard for me to [w]reconcile[/w] this suburban housewife.with the girl... Who had a threesome with two of.the guys from the rugby team. 【经典句型】 1.  Renee was always the.one with the fashion sense.Renee永远走在时尚前沿。形容某人很擅长的事情,可用句型sb was always the one with the ~sense. 2.  Before I met her, I'd never even heard of Gucci or Prada...Or chlamydia. 我认识她前,从来没听过Gucci或Prada或者衣原体感染。该句型可用来对比遇到某人之前和之后的区别。Before I met sb, I had ~~~. 3.  No surprise there.别惊讶 4.  Lynette was voted.most likely to succeed. Lynette 是公认最成功的那个。Sb was voted most likely to~~可用于形容某人被公认为最可能做某事的。 5.  It's not about the money. 不是钱的问题。 6.  It's just hard for me to reconcile this suburban housewife.with the girl...Who had a threesome with two of.the guys from the rugby team. 我难以相信眼前这个郊区主妇以前跟英国橄榄球队两男的玩过3P啊。It's just hard for me to reconcile this~~with the past~可用来表示某人过去与现在差别太大令我很难想象。

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    不是我心中的那个完美女人了。[/cn] 这句话有与之前的想法、事物比较之意,可指人也可指物。eg: You are not what I thought you were./They are not as friendly to me as they were before.  [en]2. There's something I need to tell you.[/en][cn]我有一些事情想要告诉你。[/cn] 当你想要告知某人某事时,可以直接只用,用这句话来替代简单的talk。当然这句话还是比较正式的,如果只是闲聊的话,还是不用为妙。注意something是的的确确的某种信息。

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    学英文是不够滴!^o^口语也要扎实学能够停下来思考。 问题三——你是怎么理解这个虚拟语气句子的? 18. get over with一劳永逸地做完,不愿意也不得不做完-let’s get this over with. 19. reupholstering her own furniture给家具换面,这可是公认的技术含量很高的家务劳动 20. And everyone on Wisteria Lane thought of Bree as the perfect wife and mother.

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    含了一个定语从句,主谓结构. 4. History relate…, but he did. 并列复合句,以 but 相连,前句为主谓+whether 所引导的是省略了 that 的宾语从句,该从句为主谓宾结构,but 后句为主谓结构. 5. The advantage is that…, and that is what… 并列复合句,and 引导的两个复合句,前句为主系+ that 引导的表语从句结构,表语从句为学习新概念英语第四册的辅助学习笔记主谓宾结构,该表语从句中 beyond that 的 that 指 demand,要求. 后半句是主谓+what 引导的表语从句结构,表语从句为主谓宾结构,而破折号后面的成分可以直接看作表语.

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    主谓宾,但本身只不过是状语这个成分里面的一部分,在这里是额外进行了分析. 2. the spaces will hide fluctuations that… 复合句,主句为学习新概念英语第四册的辅助学习笔记主谓宾结构,后面是 that 引导的定语从句,为主谓宾结构. 3. those fluctuations will have created small errors… 简单句,主谓宾结构. 4. the errors will have multiplied… 简单句,主谓结构.