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Co-workers and Friends --- Part I


What is more important: being professional or being a good friend?



Rachel and Rebecca were college classmates. When they graduated five years ago, the same company hired both of them. They work in different departments, but they have stayed good friends. Rachel has been the head of her department for two years. She now has an opening in her department.

One day, Rachel and Rebecca are talking about the opening during lunch. Rachel realizes that Rebecca wants the position and assumes Rachel will give it to her. Rebecca sees it as the big break she's been hoping for. However, Rachel doesn't feel Rebecca has the skills or drive needed to succeed in that position.

If you were Rachel, what would you do?

Decision 1
(That evening, Rachel talks to her husband, craig.)

Craig: Do you think Rebecca could handle the position?
Rachel:I think she'd do OK, but I can think of several others who would really excel.
Craig: Then don't you think you should give the position to one of them?
Rachel:Yes, but Rebecca really has her heart set on this position.
Craig: So you think you should give it to her?
Rachel: I think I should. Rebecca's always been a great fiend. I don't want to hurt our fiendship. Craig: Even though she's not the best person for the job?
Rachel: Mbybe she isn't, but I know she would do her best. She'll try hard. I'll give her the position.

Word Bank:

opening/n. 空缺
I'm sorry, we can't hire any new employees right now. We don't have any opening.

drive/n. 干劲
I think Paul will succeed in life. He has a lot of drive.

excel/v. 表现出色
Amy really excels at playing the piano. She is very talented.

have one's heart set on something (idiom) 一心一意要做某事或得到某样东西
I hope we can travel abroad this summer. My daughter has her heart set on it.