I am delighted to witness the signing of Liverpool’s friendshipagreement with China’s Kunming city. This partnership will see the two cities build on existing ties and work together to create a positive mutually beneficial relationship. The agreement is the result of a meeting between the vice mayor of the Kunming municipal government and Liverpool mayor in September 2015. The meeting enabled the two sides to explore how the two cities can mutually benefit from closer ties.

我非常高兴能够亲眼见证利物浦与中国的昆明,签订友好合作协定. 这一合作将会令两个城市加强发展现有的合作关系,并且共同努力创造积极互利的关系。这项协议的签订得益于昆明市副市长以及利物浦市长于2015年9月的会晤,这次会议令双方能够探索两个城市如何加强,合作关系并从中互利。



This partnership will see“这一合作会令”,去掉“see”,就会显得比较通顺

The agreement is the result“这项协议的签订得益于”,去掉,result,不要以为“是……的结果”,因为这种框架结构显得太长,给听众造成困难。

Following on the positive discussions between the two cities officials, We are delighted to be in Kunming to inaugurate our close partnership with this great city. I see our relationship with the city from China as a key element in Liverpool’s future growth. This relationship creates a very positive platform for our two cities. It helps us to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits by collaborating on a broad range of activities including trade and investment, science and technology, creative culture and tourism.




We are excited at the prospect of welcoming the Kunming delegation to Liverpool for the international festival for business next year and look forward to further developing our relationship over the coming years. Liverpool is a vibrate and exciting city which offers great opportunities for investment. And we are very pleased to be exploring this potential with Chinese organizations and businesses. Our visit to Kunming will help us identify great opportunities and strengthen our engagement with china.




In addition, there is fantastic potential to share and explore each other’s diverse cultural heritage, creating a rich, vibrant dialog and positive exchange of ideas. And the two sides will collaborate on promoting the overseas Kunming Week in Liverpool later this year. There is also the potential to host a Liverpool event in Kunming. The successful outcome of this visit boost our cooperation and strengthen our cultural and commercial links with cities across Southwest china.


The British consulate has been working closely with Liverpool to support its growing city-to-city relationship in china. Through a year-long project that focuses on urban development health care and creative culture, the two cities have already worked together on environmental protection, medical insurance, and key technologies. Liverpool wide flower protection center also signed a memorandum of understanding with Kunming. A medical delegation from Liverpool visited Kunming in March, 2015.



a memorandum of understanding谅解备忘录这类外交术语,在翻译时会不时出现,需要学生在日常生活当中积累。