Co-workers and Friends --- Part II


What is more important: being professional or being a good friend?



Decision 2
Craig: Why aren't you sure you should give Rebecca the job?
Rachel: Because she's not the best applicant. Gary Roberts is perfect for this position.
Craig: But if you give Gary the position, you're worried about how Rebecca will feel.
Rachel: Right. I don't want her to get upset or hurt.
Craig: Is deciding who gets the position completely your decision?
Rachel: Well, HR has some input, but they said I should make the final decision.
Craig: Does Rebecca need to know that though?
Rachel: I guess not. Hey, that’s it ! I'll give Gary the position, but I'll let Rebecca think HR insisted on him. That way Rebecca doesn't get hurt, and the best person gets the job!

Decision 3
Craig: Do you think this position is a good fit for Rebecca?
Rachel: Not really. She'd be excited at first. But I think she'd get overwhelmed after a while.
Craig: Well, you could give this position to the best applicant. But then you could help Rebecca find a position that's a better fit for her.
Rachel: Hmm. I could.But I wonder if she'd feel bad if I tell her I don't think she's right for this position.
Craig: She might. Or she might really appreciate your advice.
Rachel: True. And I guess this might be best for everybody.
Craig: I think so. Go for it, honey! I'm sure she'll thank you later.


applicant/n. 申请人
We had 30 applicants but only two job openings. So we had to turn down 28 people.

input/n. 意见
Joseph always thinks he knows what is best. He doesn't like to get input from other people.

fit/n. 适合的位置
Hannah enjoys her job jand does well at it. It's a great fit for her.

overwhelm/v. 负荷过重
I have so much homework to do! I'm really overwhelmed.

More Information:

HR[human resources] (n) 从事部
If you want to work here, you need to contact the HR deparment.

Go for it (idiom) 去做吧!
Go for it , Tammy! I'm sure you'll do well.

Talk About It:
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