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  • 《绝命毒师》有望搬上大荧幕

    Bryan Cranston has suggested that a Breaking Bad movie could be in the works. The AMC series is due to start its fifth and final season next month, but the 56-year-old star [w=reveal]revealed[/w] that the show could continue on the big screen. "It's not far-fetched," Cranston told the Los Angeles Times of a Breaking Bad movie. "I wouldn't mind visiting that possibility," he continued. "And this is coming from a guy who doesn't know anything of how the show's going to end. "If it doesn't end up in a total [w]apocalypse[/w], who knows?" Cranston added. "Maybe we could revisit Walter White a year down the road and see where his life has gone. If he's still alive, that is." Cranston will host the Television Critics Association Awards next month. Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito recently confirmed that the fifth season will pick up right where the show left off. 沪江娱乐快讯:《绝命毒师》的主演布莱恩·克兰斯顿暗示说《绝命毒师》电影可能在筹备中。 AMC电视台的电视剧《绝命毒师》很快就将播出第五季,这也是它的最后一季。但克兰斯顿透露说该剧即将转战大荧幕。 克兰斯顿对《洛杉矶时报》说,电影《绝命毒师》绝非空穴来风。 他接着说:“我愿意想象这种可能性。为什么呢?因为我对该剧会怎么结束毫无概念。”他补充说:“如果该剧最后不是一场灾难——谁知道呢,也许我们可以看看沃特·怀特(Walter White,即布莱恩·克兰斯顿所饰演的角色)一年后的生活,看看他的有了什么改变。当然,前提是他得活到那时候。” 克兰斯顿将在下个月担任电视评论协会奖颁奖礼的主持人。


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  • 《绝命毒师》结局大逆转:老白到底是死是活?

    [en]Throughout Breaking Bad‘s five-season run, drug kingpin Walter White got himself out of a lot of tight, seemingly hopeless situations.But did he cheat death? Star Bryan Cranston says maybe.[/en][cn]在《绝命毒师

  • 《绝命毒师》第五季海报发布!

    And how will that [w]victory[/w] play out this summer, when the first set of the show's final 16 episodes premieres on July 15? According to the network press release... His transformation from a well-meaning family man into Heisenberg, a ruthless drug kingpin, is almost complete. No longer under the thumb of a mastermind criminal, Walt now assumes the role of one himself, as he and Jesse look to build their own empire. Meanwhile, Skyler struggles with the reality of her husband’s new role and Hank works to wrap up his [w]investigation[/w] of Gus’ business. Leading into the premiere, viewers will be able a chance to catch up on every Breaking Bad episode, as AMC airs from seasons one through four late night, beginning on Sunday, June 10. 沪江娱乐快讯:AMC电视台发布了《绝命毒师》第五季的首张正式海报。海报上方写道“王者归来,万众致敬”,正像男主沃尔特•怀特(Walter White)在第四季末说过的那样,他确实又赢了。 该剧第五季将于今夏7月15日开播,全长16集。 老白(沃尔特•怀特)从一个善良无害的老好人陡然转变成阴狠的大毒枭海森堡(Heisenberg,老白的业内代号),现在又除掉了一直威胁他们的大BOSS古斯(Gus),老白和小粉(杰西,Jess)可以开拓自己的帝国了。同时,老白后院失火,他媳妇儿开始纠结老白的新角色,而他妹夫汉克(Hank)开始调查古斯的事。 

  • 世界最好评《绝命毒师》将出衍生剧

    [en]Breaking Bad will live on — sort of.[/en][cn]《绝命毒师》不会就此完结,从某种程度上来说。[/cn] [en]AMC has reached a licensing agreement for a spin-off of the popular series, which will be centered on shady [w]attorney[/w] Saul Goodman, the network announced Wednesday.[/en][cn]AMC电视台周三宣布,将会预定《绝命毒师》衍生剧,这部衍生剧将会围绕律师

  • 现实版《绝命毒师》!英国化学老师被捕

    就是《绝命毒师》里靠专业知识制造最纯净冰毒的化学老师。[/cn] [en]Jakubczyk – known as ‘the Professor’ in the underworld – produced an almost 80 per cent pure version of amphetamine. Investigators say it was among the highest grades they have uncovered in the UK. [/en][cn]Jakubczyk道上称号“教授”,他制造的冰毒纯度高达80%。调查人员称这是他们在英国发现的纯度最高的冰毒。[/cn] [en]National Crime Agency officers put Jakubczyk, 61, under surveillance after a tip-off. They waited until the Polish gang “cooked” a test [w]batch[/w] before swooping on the lab in a garden building hidden by trees in Grantham, Lincs.[/en][cn]英国国家犯罪调查局的官员们在得到一份密报后开始对61岁的Jakubczyk 进行监视。Jakubczyk的实验室在林肯郡格兰瑟姆一处树林遮蔽的园林建筑中,当时他正与波兰黑帮进行交易,波兰方验货吸食样品时,犯罪调查局的工作人员将他们一网打尽。[/cn] [en]Jakubczyk’s [w]accomplice[/w] Piotr Turek, 35, was head of distribution and 783g of the drug was found hidden in his car’s air filter. The lecturer’s lover Ewa Lyzwa-Cias, 60, had a stash in a dressing gown pocket.[/en][cn]Jakubczyk的同伙,35岁的Piotr Turek是毒品分销的头目。他汽车里的空气过滤器中藏有783克毒品。而Jakubczyk的爱人60岁的Ewa Lyzwa-Cias,她的睡袍口袋里甚至也藏了一份。[/cn] [en]Lead NCA investigator Dave Archer said: “It was as if they had used the plot of Breaking Bad to come up with the whole idea.[/en][cn]带头的调查员说:“他们就像是照搬了《绝命毒师》的剧情。”[/cn] [en]Jakubczyk was jailed for nine years. Turek received eight and Lyzwa-Cias five years at Leeds Crown Court. All were convicted of [w]conspiracy[/w] to produce and supply amphetamine.[/en][cn]Jakubczyk被判9年徒刑,他的同伙Turek被判8年,而他的爱人Lyzwa-Cias被判5年,他们三人的罪名皆为密谋生产和供应毒品。[/cn] [en]Officer Archer said: “We did research watching the series on Netflix and I bought our lawyer the box set after the trial.”[/en][cn]调查员说:“为了研究案情,我们特师干起了制毒意在Netflix上观看了这部剧,庭审过后还为我们的律师买了盒装版的《绝命毒师》。”[/cn]

  • 《绝命毒师》大结局:老白死于恶斗

    见了。在最终集上演之前,剧迷们早已预知了老白的死,并对老白将以何种方式死亡展开了激烈的讨论。最终老白死于一场恶斗,他并没有得到一个好的结局。而剧迷们得以听到老白的心声,他并不是为了支持家庭而走向邪恶,他是为了自己的欢愉:“我享受(这一切违法的活动)。我擅长这些,在做坏事儿的时候我是活着的。”让我们跟老白说再见,也跟这部陪伴我们这么久的剧,say goodbye 吧。

  • 《绝命毒师》S05E16插曲:Baby blue

    望你能在我身边[/cn] [en]How can I show you, show me the way[/en][cn]请绝命毒师第五季》该季是整个故事的大结局,讲述了古斯死后,沃特联手杰西与麦克,开始建立属于他自己的新的毒教我,该怎样告诉你我的想法[/cn] [en]Don't you know the times I've tried?[/en][cn]你难道不知道我试过多少次想要告诉你吗[/cn] [en]Guess that's all I have to say[/en][cn]我想我能说的只有这么多了[/cn] [en]Except the feeling just grows stronger every day[/en][cn]然而我对你的感情却与日俱增[/cn] [en]Just one thing before I go[/en][cn]在我离开之前,我还想和你说[/cn]