In five seasons of "Breaking Bad," we've never seen Walter and Skyler White sit down with a marriage counselor -- though, arguably they really should have.

In real life, Bryan Cranston, the Emmy Award-winning actor who plays Walter, told Rolling Stone that couple's therapy is something he and wife Robin Dearden attend regularly.
而在现实生活中,男主扮演者、艾美奖得主 Bryan Cranston 却称自己与太太Robin Dearden 常去做婚姻咨询。

"I see a [therapist] in L.A. from time to time, when I'm feeling edgy or anxiety-ridden," he told the magazine recently. "And my wife and I go to a couples therapist. Our agreement is, if either of us feels like we want to go, the other can't object."

The 57-year-old actor -- whose first marriage to writer Mickey Middleton ended in 1982 -- said that meeting Dearden when they "were both mature" has made all the difference in their 25-year marriage.
Bryan Cranston现年57岁,他和Mickey Middleton的第一段婚姻在1982年结束。当他遇到现任妻子Dearden时,他说两人都已经“成熟”,所以这段婚姻可以维系25年。

Still, Cranston told the magazine that he doesn't believe we're all fated to be with one specific person in life.

"I don't believe there's just one person for you," he said. "And quite frankly, love among adults is conditional. 'We're in love, right now. Oops, you killed someone? Ok, wait a minute, that's kind of a problem for me.' It's all conditional."
“我不相信世界上有那么一个人是你的真爱,” 他说,“说实话,成年人之间的爱是有条件的。‘我们相爱,现在是的。啊哦,你杀了个人?好吧等一下,这对我来说是个问题。’ 所以你看,都是有条件的。”

Cranston met Dearden on the set of the 1980s TV series "Airwolf." The couple have one daughter together.