A chemistry teacher masterminded a Breaking Bad-style operation to flood Britain’s drugs market with almost pure amphetamine.

Ryszard Jakubczyk planned to make 88lbs of it – worth £4 million – every TWO DAYS from his secret lab in a mirror of the hit TV show’s plot.
按照这位名叫Ryszard Jakubczyk的老师的计划,他每两天就能在自己的秘密实验室里合成88磅安非他命,价值400万英镑,和美剧《绝命毒师》中的情节非常相似。

Astonished detectives who caught the lecturer and his gang dubbed him a real-life Walter White, the chemistry teacher who uses his expertise to make the purest crystal meth in the cult series.

Jakubczyk – known as ‘the Professor’ in the underworld – produced an almost 80 per cent pure version of amphetamine. Investigators say it was among the highest grades they have uncovered in the UK.

National Crime Agency officers put Jakubczyk, 61, under surveillance after a tip-off. They waited until the Polish gang “cooked” a test batch before swooping on the lab in a garden building hidden by trees in Grantham, Lincs.
英国国家犯罪调查局的官员们在得到一份密报后开始对61岁的Jakubczyk 进行监视。Jakubczyk的实验室在林肯郡格兰瑟姆一处树林遮蔽的园林建筑中,当时他正与波兰黑帮进行交易,波兰方验货吸食样品时,犯罪调查局的工作人员将他们一网打尽。

Jakubczyk’s accomplice Piotr Turek, 35, was head of distribution and 783g of the drug was found hidden in his car’s air filter. The lecturer’s lover Ewa Lyzwa-Cias, 60, had a stash in a dressing gown pocket.
Jakubczyk的同伙,35岁的Piotr Turek是毒品分销的头目。他汽车里的空气过滤器中藏有783克毒品。而Jakubczyk的爱人60岁的Ewa Lyzwa-Cias,她的睡袍口袋里甚至也藏了一份。

Lead NCA investigator Dave Archer said: “It was as if they had used the plot of Breaking Bad to come up with the whole idea.

Jakubczyk was jailed for nine years. Turek received eight and Lyzwa-Cias five years at Leeds Crown Court. All were convicted of conspiracy to produce and supply amphetamine.

Officer Archer said: “We did research watching the series on Netflix and I bought our lawyer the box set after the trial.”