Throughout Breaking Bad‘s five-season run, drug kingpin Walter White got himself out of a lot of tight, seemingly hopeless situations.But did he cheat death? Star Bryan Cranston says maybe.
在《绝命毒师》( Breaking Bad )整整五季的播出过程中,大毒枭沃尔特·怀特( Walter White )无数次从绝境中死里逃生。不过,他会不会也伪造了自己的死亡呢?其扮演者布莱恩·克兰斯顿( Bryan Cranston )说:有可能哦。

While plugging his new action flick Godzilla on CNN Thursday, Cranston indulged host Ashleigh Banfield’s questions about whether Heisenberg might’ve lived through what — to most of the audience — seemed like his final moments at the end of the AMC series’ finale.
克兰斯顿本周四在CNN电视台宣传他的动作新片《哥斯拉》( Godzilla ),当主持人艾希利·班菲尔德( Ashleigh Banfield )问及,对大部分观众来说,《绝命毒师》大结局貌似已经是海森堡( Heisenberg )生命的最后时刻了,那么有没有可能他并没有死呢?

Though cancer sufferer/gunshot victim Walter fell to the ground as the police narrowed in on him, Cranston reluctantly acknowledged that there’s the tiniest of chances the chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-maker might’ve survived.

“You never saw a bag zip up or anything,” he says, smiling. “Never say never.”

Also in the interview, Cranston discusses playing The X-Files‘ Patrick Crump, a one-off role for which “I just happened to have the right hair” — and which first put him into contact with Vince Gilligan, his future Bad boss.
访谈中,克兰斯顿还谈到他在《X档案》( X-Files )中扮演的一集游角色帕特里克·克伦普( Patrick Crump ):“刚好那时我留了个傻傻的发型。”也正是因为如此,才让他和他未来的“坏老板”文斯·吉里根( Vince Gilligan )首次取得了联系。