the Fifth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 十七届五中全会

Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 中央政治局

Boost domestic demand 扩大内需

12th Five-Year Program for China's Economic and Social Development (2011-2015)/12th Five-Year Plan 经济和社会发展第12个五年规划

economic growth mode 经济增长方式

inclusive growth 包容性增长

macroeconomic regulation 宏观经济调控

comprehensive national power 综合国力

international competitiveness 国际竞争力

capability in shielding against risks 抵御风险能力

Urbanization 推进城镇化

rural modernization 农业现代化

the construction of new socialist rural area 社会主义新农村建设

maintain coordinated development in rural and urban regions 统筹城乡发展

modern industrial system 现代产业体系

strategic emerging industries 战略新兴产业

balanced development between regions 区域协调发展

main functional regions 主体功能区

poverty-stricken areas 贫困地区

recycling economy 循环经济

disaster prevention and reduction 防灾减灾

Cultural innovation 深化文化体制改革

innovative country 创新型国家

scientific innovation ability 科技创新能力

soft power 软实力

cultural innovation 文化创新

public service system of culture 公共文化服务体系

income distribution 收入分配

public service system 公共服务体系

adjust income distribution 调整收入分配

primary distribution of national income 国民收入初次分配

the social security system that covers urban and rural residents 覆盖城乡居民的社会保障体系

contradictions among the people 人民内部矛盾

social harmony and stability 社会和谐稳定

public service-oriented government 公共服务型政府

Economic system reform 大力推进经济体制改革

"people first" principle 以人为本

promote social equality and justice 促进社会公平正义

the pillar industries for the national economy 国民经济支柱性产业

political restructuring 政治体制改革

reforms of fiscal and taxation systems 财税体制改革

resource products pricing 资源性产品价格

reform in social program system 社会事业体制改革

improve the quality of foreign investment utilization 提高利用外资水平

the "going global" strategy “走出去”战略

global economic governance and regional cooperation 全球经济治理和区域合作

resource-saving and environment-friendly society 资源节约型、环境友好型社会