1.According to some environmental pressure groups, the next 5 years is the critical period for the rain forests. If we don’t take action in this period, the rain forests will disappear in ten years’ time.

2.According to a recently published medical report, pop singers have got voice problems and they really need to be more selective about where they work. They shouldn’t work in smoky atmospheres, and they shouldn’t smoke themselves.

3.The modern trend in dressing behavior is usually referred to as one of increased informality. But this is misleading. In reality, there’s no loss of formality. Merely the exchange of old formalities for new.

4.Our company has become interested in computer conferencing, because we have a various branches all over Europe. Computer conferencing seems an ideal way to share expertise and information within the organization.

5.They have donated $ 75,000 to a charity devoted to improving the lives of street children in the area. The money will be used to educate 5,000 slump children over the next five years.



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