You probably know that asthma can cause breathing problems, so can kids with asthma play sports. You bet they can. Being active and playing sports is an especially good idea if you have asthma. Why? Because it can help your lungs get stronger. So they work better. Some athletes with asthma have done more than developed stronger lungs. They’ve played professional football and basketball and they’ve even won medals at the Olympic Games. Some sports are less likely to bother a person’s asthma. Golf and yoga are less likely to trigger flare-ups and so are sports like baseball, football and gymnastics. In some sports, you need to keep going for a long time. These activities may be harder for people with asthma. They include long-distance running, cycling ,soccer, basketball, cross-country skiing, and ice hockey. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play these sports if you really like them. In fact, many athletes with asthma have found that with the right training and medicine, they can do any sport they choose. But before playing sports, it’s important that your asthma is under control. That means you are having lots of symptoms or flare-ups. To make this happen, it’s very important that you take all asthma medicine just as your doctor tells you to. Even when you  are feeling ok, your doctor will also tell you other things you can do to avoid flare-ups. This may mean skipping outdoor workouts when there is a lot of pollen in the air. wearing a scarf or a musk when you play outside during the winter. Or making sure you always have time for a careful warm-up and cool-down. Make sure your coach and teammates know about your asthma. That way, they will understand if you need to stop working out because of breathing trouble. It’s also helpful if your coach knows which steps to take if you have a flare-up. Listen to your body, and follow these instructions your doctor gave you for handling breathing problems. And if you can keep your asthma in good control, you will be in the game and not on the sidelines.



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