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    上了它。每天他都给盖拉蒂穿上金、紫色相间的长袍。盖拉蒂是他给心上人所起的名字。[/cn] [en]He embraced and kissed it,but it remaineda statue.In despair he went to Aphrodite‘sshrine for help.Offering rich sacrifice and sending up a passionate prayer,he begged the goddess to give him a wife as graceful as Galatea.[/en][cn]他拥抱它、亲吻它,但是它始终是一尊雕像。绝望中,他来到阿芙罗狄蒂的神殿寻求帮助。他献上丰盛的祭祀品,并且深情地祷告,祈求这位女神赐给他一位如同盖拉蒂一样举止优雅的妻子。[/cn] [en]Back home,he went straight up to the statue.Even as he gazedat it a change came over it.A faint colour appeared on its cheeks,a gleam shone from itseyes and its lips opened into as weet smile.Pygmalion stood speechless when Ualatea began to move towards him.She was simple and sweet and alive!Soon the room was ringing with her sliver voice.The work of his own hands became his wife.[/en][cn]回家后,他径直来到雕像旁。就在他凝视它的时候,雕像开始有了变化。它的脸颊开始呈现出微弱的血色,它的眼睛释放出光芒,它的唇轻轻开启,现出甜蜜的微笑。盖拉蒂走向他的时候,皮格马利翁站在那儿,说不出话来。她单纯、温柔、充满活力!不久屋子里响起她银铃般悦耳的声音。他的雕塑成了他的妻子。[/cn] 词汇学习: sculptor [ˈskʌlptə] 雕刻家 famous sculptor有名的雕塑家 fell in love with与...相爱  好了,此篇英文故事短文的用词大多比较简单,篇幅长度适中。小编极力鼓励各位家长多给孩子阅读一些优秀的英文故事与短文,它可以轻松吸引到孩子的注意力,孩子在阅读时的集中度也会相较阅读其他书籍有所提升,如果可以这样长久坚持下去,不仅孩子的英语水平会有所提升,还可以顺带提高孩子的文学素养和注意力集中度,对孩子未来的发展都是很有好处的。



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  • 英语故事短文:金色的羊毛

    要被处死。正在此时,上帝派了一只浑身上下长着金色羊毛的公羊来将两个孩子驮在背上带走了。[/cn] [en]As they flew over the strait that divides Asia from Europe,Helle,faint at the vast expanse of waterbelow ,fell into the sea and was drowned.Thus the sea of Helle,Hellespont,became the ancient name of the strip of water.Her brother kept on and arrived in Colchis on the eastern shore of the Black Sea.There he sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave its golden fleece to King Aeetes,who nailed it on a sacred tree and put a sleepless dragon incharge .[/en][cn]当他们飞过隔开欧洲和亚洲的海峡时,赫勒由于看到浩瀚的海洋而头晕目眩,最终掉进大海淹死了。这片海洋古时候的名称叫赫勒之海,赫勒拉旁海峡便由此而来。金色公羊驮着法瑞克斯继续向前飞去,来到了黑海东岸的科尔契斯。在那里,法瑞克斯将公羊献给了宙斯;而将金羊毛送给了埃厄忒斯国王。国王将羊毛钉在一棵圣树上,并派了一条不睡觉的龙负责看护。[/cn] 词汇学习: credulous [ˈkrɛdjʊləs] 轻信的,易受骗的 stepmother[ˈstɛpˌmʌðə]继母 好了,此篇英文故事短文的用词大多比较简单,篇幅长度适中。小编极力鼓励各位家长多给孩子阅读一些优秀的英文故事与短文,它可以轻松吸引到孩子的注意力,孩子在阅读时的集中度也会相较阅读其他书籍有所提升,如果可以这样长久坚持下去,不仅孩子的英语水平会有所提升,还可以顺带提高孩子的文学素养和注意力集中度,对孩子未来的发展都是很有好处的。



  • 英语故事短文:收音机和电视机

    看看今天的双语故事短文:收音机和电视机。 [en]Radio and television are very popular in the world today. Millions of people watch TV. Perhaps more people listen to the radio.[/en][cn]现在,收音机和电视机在世界上都很流行。数以百万计的人看电视。也许听收音机的人更多。[/cn] [en]The TV is more useful than the radio. [/en][cn]电视机比收音机更有用。[/cn] [en]On TV we can see and hear what is happening in the world.[/en][cn] 在电视上我们可以看到和听到世界上正在发生的事。[/cn] [en]But radio isn‘t lost. It is still with us. [/en][cn]可是收音机并没有消失,它还和我们在一起。[/cn] [en]That’s because a radio is very small, and it‘s easy to carry. You can put one in your pocket and listen to it on the bus or on your bike when you go to school.[/en][cn]这是因为收音机很小,便于携带。你可以放在口袋里,在坐车或汽车上学时收听。[/cn] 词汇学习: in the world世界上,究竟; 世上 Millions of people万众 on the bus在公车上 好了,此篇英文故事短文的用词大多比较简单,篇幅长度也是专门为儿童而设计的。小编极力鼓励各位家长多给孩子阅读一些优秀的英文故事与短文,它可以轻松吸引到孩子的注意力,孩子在阅读时的集中度也会相较阅读其他书籍有所提升,如果可以这样长久坚持下去,不仅孩子的英语水平会有所提升,还可以顺带提高孩子的文学素养和注意力集中度,对孩子未来的发展都是很有好处的。



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  • 短文的英文怎么说

    短文的英文: essay参考例句: In making the selection we passed this short piece by quite inadvertently. 在挑选时我们完全出自疏忽而漏过了这篇短文

  • 英语基础知识之短文改错的方法推荐

    需将 lives 改成 living 就可以了,不要将 their lives 改为 a living。   (2) But I have spent most my money, so I cannot… (四川卷)   【解析】在my前加 of。也有同学去掉 most,这种改法虽改正了语法错误,但改变了原意。作者想说的是“花掉了大部分的钱,而不是全部”。   3. 虚词以添加或删除为原则   历年高考题需要添加或删除的地英语方为三四处。这些需要添删的词一般是冠词、代词、介词、关系词等,而动词、名词等的添删则不是很常见,因为太容易改变句子的原意。   (1) From his answer we shall know the something now.   【解析】不定代词前不能加冠词,所以故去掉the。   (2) Then I began to pay more attention my pronunciation.   【解析】固定搭配pay attention to后缺少介词to,应加上。   学习英语不能三天打鱼两天晒网,在学习的过程中掌握学习方法很重要,方法用对,学习才能事半功倍。在这里小编给大家推荐沪江英语网,这是一个专业的英语学习平台,通过沪江网学习可以不受时间和地点的限制,学习起来十分方便。



  • 英语故事带翻译:掉在井里的狐狸和公山羊

    集了经典故事信息,并做了英文翻译,让大家在娱乐的同时,提高了自己的英语学习能力,小编希望此文对大家有所帮助。 A FOX one day fell into a deep well and could find no means of escape. A Goat, overcome with thirst, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water was good. Concealing his sad plight under a merry guise, the Fox indulged in a lavish praise of the water, saying it was excellent beyond measure, and encouraging him to descend. The Goat, mindful only of his thirst, thoughtlessly jumped down, but just as he drank, the Fox informed him of the difficulty they were both in and suggested a scheme for their common escape. "If," said he, "you will place your forefeet upon the wall and bend your head, I will run up your back and escape, and will help you out afterwards." The Goat readily assented and the Fox leaped upon his back. Steadying himself with the Goat's horns, he safely reached the mouth of the well and made off as fast as he could. When the Goat upbraided him for breaking his promise, he turned around and cried out, "You foolish old fellow! If you had as many brains in your head as you have hairs in your beard, you would never have gone down before you had inspected the way up, nor have exposed yourself to dangers from which you had no means of escape." 一只狐狸失足掉到了井里,不论他如何挣扎仍没法爬上去,只好呆在那里。公山羊觉得口渴极了,来到这井边,看见狐狸在井下,便问他井水好不好喝?狐狸觉得机会来了,心中暗喜,马上镇静下来,极力赞美井水好喝,说这水是天下第一泉,清甜爽口,并劝山羊赶快下来,与他痛饮。一心只想喝水信以为真的山羊,便不假思索地跳了下去,当他咕咚咕咚痛饮完后,就不得不与狐狸一起共商上井的办法。狐狸早有准备,他狡猾地说:“我倒有一个方法。你用前脚扒在井墙上,再把角竖直了,我从你后背跳上井去,再拉你上来,我们就都得救了。”公山羊同意了他的提议,狐狸踩着他的后脚,跳到他背上,然后再从角上用力一跳,跳英语故事带翻译专题收集了经典故事信息,并做了英文翻译,让大家在娱乐的同时,提高了自己的英语出了井口。狐狸上去以后,准备独自逃离。公山羊指责狐狸不信守诺言。狐狸回过头对公山羊说:“喂,朋友,你的头脑如果像你的胡须那样完美,你就不至于在没看清出口之前就盲目地跳下去。” 这故事说明,聪明的人应当事先考虑清楚事情的结果,然后才去做。  

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    语意味着学英语。想要学好英语得下功夫才行,现在很多孩子在儿童时期就开始学英语仆人,我已经为你服务了很多年,而且还愿意为你效劳,但是,我实在太老了,对年纪大的不要这么无情,要记住老年人在年青时所做过的有益的事情。”[/cn] 词汇学习: old woman 老太太 quickly ['kwikli] 迅速地;不久;立即 bite [baɪt] 少量,小部分 mouse [maus]鼠 jumped [dʒʌmp]跳跃 (jumped是jump的过去分词形式,过去式形式) caught [kætʃ]抓住 get out of 逃避;避免 (got out of]是[get out of]的过去式形式,过去分词形式) mouth [maʊθ]嘴 ran away潜逃,失去控制 angry [ˈæŋɡrɪ]愤怒的 killed ['kild] 被杀死的;被屠宰的 hit [hɪt] 打,击;打击 servant [ˈsɜːvənt] 仆人,雇工 好了,今天的英语故事讲完了,那么,同学们这篇故事告诉我们什么样的道理?



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