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    所作的分析做了更为详尽的阐述。在这本书里,我发现了几位有趣的历史人物,他们与我同姓,都叫席埃拉。 有一位席埃拉是名无政府主义者。在他的著作中,农村社会可以以无政府状态存在的观念。他认为政府故意引起人们对无政府主义的恐惧,不过是为了证明政府向农民征收重税有理。 另一位席埃拉是名解剖学博士。他被誉为发明麻醉药的第一人。在麻醉作用下,他可

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    标题不用写 觉得材料太难的童鞋可以先下载音频下来听,觉得听得差不多了再来听写。语速稍快,用词不难的。 hints: Bob Jim Bob is an excellent trial lawyer with a superior legal acumen. Unlike many other lawyers that need to use acronyms to remember certain legal principles, Bob simply uses his photographic memory. What makes Bob even more special is his acute sense for reading people's emotions, especially those of jurors. Due to his reputation, he is able to acquire the most interesting cases. His jealous competitors often accuse him of being too acquisitive and of taking away their business. But I respect Bob for his many achievements. I remember the first trial he ever did. Bob was hired by an acquaintance named Jim to defend him against a criminal charge. Jim was accused of intentionally throwing acid on another man's arm in a laboratory where they were both activating chemicals. Jim was adamant that the accusation was false. He claimed it was an accident that occurred during an argument. Being a contract lawyer, Bob was not accustomed to handling trials in front of a jury. However, he agreed to the acquisition of Jim's case because he strongly believed in Jim's innocence. The thought of an innocent man being convicted of a crime he didn't commit actuated Bob's hidden trial skills. At the trial, Bob proved that the other man caused his own injury by pushing Jim while Jim was working with dangerous chemicals. Bob also proved that the man's claim of an acute injury was false. The actual injury was minor. Bob asked the jury to acquit Jim of all criminal charges. Amazingly, Bob achieved an acquittal for Jim. I'll never forget what Bob did for Jim, because I was there. I am Jim. In fact, I still remember the adage Bob used to explain why he took my case for free. He said, "In doing, we learn." 鲍勃是一名出色的辩护律师,他拥有超群的法律才智。许多律师需要用首字母缩写词才能记住某些法律准则,鲍勃则不然,他只需用他那照相机般的记忆就足矣。鲍勃还有更特别的地方,他能敏锐地把握人们的思想感情,尤其陪审员的思想感情。 他声名大噪,因此总能获得最有意思的案子。那些嫉妒的竞争对手常常指责他贪得无厌地抢走他们的生意。但是我为鲍勃取得的众多成就而尊敬他。我还记得他出庭参加的第一次审判。 鲍勃受雇于一个叫吉姆的熟人,为他所遭受的刑事指控进行辩护。吉姆被指控在实验室里故意将酸泼到另一个人的胳膊上,当时两人正在激活某些化学物。吉姆坚信这项指控是假的。他声称这是在争执中出现的一场意外。作为一名合同律师,鲍勃不习惯在陪审团面前做辩护。但是他还是答应接下吉姆的案子,因为他坚信吉姆是清白的。一想到一个无辜的人将因为莫须有的罪名而遭判处,鲍勃潜在的辩护能力就被激活了。 法庭上,鲍勃证实了那个人是在吉姆正在试验危险化学物时推搡了吉姆才弄伤自己的。他还证实那个人所谓重伤是假的,事实上只是轻伤,鲍勃要求陪审团宣告吉姆无罪。令人惊讶的是,鲍勃果真为吉姆赢得了无罪释放的判决。 我永远不会忘记鲍勃为吉姆做的一切,因为当时我就在现场,我就是吉姆。实际上,我仍记得鲍勃再解释为什么为我免费辩护时所用的格言:“实践长才干。” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    Hint: Volcanic When they found Missy's essay in the estate sale forty years after the fall of civilization, people laughed that Missy had written about how society found global warming to be equivocal. That such a developed society could make such erroneous conclusions caused the survivors to eschew all other wisdom that they might have gained from the essence of the books they had found. They did not want to read any more about how the establishment had destroyed itself. Volcanic eruptions were still happening everyday and they had to seek shelter or they would be eradicated as well. That era was over because of their errors. So much had changed since then. Only a few of the buildings erected in the past remained standing. Erosion made it impossible to grow plants, escalating temperatures made it even more difficult to breathe in the already scalding air and established bases of refuge were becoming harder and harder to find. 文明灭亡40年之后,他们在一次房地产拍卖会上发现了米西的文章。米西在文章中描述了社会如何发现全球变暖是个可疑的现象,他们都觉得可笑。这样发达的社会居然会得出如此错误的结论,这个观点使幸存者们避开了所有其他知识。从他们发现的那些书的精华中,他们是可以获得这些知识的。他们不再愿意阅读任何关于机构如何自我毁灭的文章。每天依然有火山喷发,他们不得不寻找躲避的地方,否则同样会被消灭。由于他们的错误,那个时代结束了。自那以后发生了很大的变化。过去建造的建筑物只有少量依然存在。由于有腐蚀,植物无法栽种。不断升高的气温使人在本已炽热的空气中更难呼吸,建好的避难基地也越来越难找到。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    Hint: Mike Aw Mr. Moan "The situation is really not that complicated, Mike. The company simply has a compendium of charges that have been compiled against you and they just don' t want you to work here any more! There's nothing I can do to help you!" "Aw come on, Mr. Moan. We’re old compatriots in this company. We've always shared compartments and I thought we had such compatible characteristics! I'm as competent as you are with often more compelling excuses for our bosses as to why we missed the completion of project deadlines! You need me!" "Actually not, Mike. Ever since they promoted me, they have been compelling me to get rid of you. And please don' t make any comparison to your lying ways and my honest mistakes." “情况真的没有那么复杂,麦克。公司只不过有一份编你故事的清单,他们就是不想让你在这儿再干下去了,我确实是爱莫能助。” “不会吧,摩恩先生。我们在这家公司共事多年,我们一直在同一分隔间工作,而且我觉得咱俩有那么多共同特点!我和你一样有能力,我还经常有更多非常有说明力的理由向老板交待,告诉他为什么我们没能按时完成计划!你需要我!” “实际上我不需要你,麦克。自从他们提升我之后,就一直逼我请你走人。请不要拿你的满嘴谎言和我犯的老实人的错误进行比较。” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事记单词】016 教师的世界

    最终可能要为不信仰上帝而赎罪。 吉姆是我们学校的体育老师。他是名天生的运动员,热爱篮球。我们总是惊讶于他不回头看就能背投中的扣篮技术。 最后还有我们的几何老师莎莉。她喜欢谈论对称和不对称的三角形。坦率地说,考虑那些玩意能把我逼疯。但我喜欢她那种能激励人的性格。她肯定知道如何将一个无聊的话题变得趣味盎然,欲罢不能。 至于我自己,我教艺术。艺术能发挥出我富有创造性的一面。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    [color=red]标题不用写 美式拼法。[/color] Hints: 无 I'm averse to flying. It's not that I don't have a backbone. In fact, I am otherwise very brave. I wear a police badge everyday and I arrest dangerous criminals. My aversion to aviation dates back to when I was a child. When I was eight years old, my babysitter took me on a short flight to visit my mom. We flew in a small plane. The weather conditions were very bad that day. Halfway to our destination, we hit a terrible storm. The aviator lost control of the plane. The powerful wind made the plane do several barrel rolls. It was like we were in a ball that was spinning on an axis. After a few seconds, the aviator regained control and averted a disaster. I avowed never to fly in a small plane again. That story should serve as a sufficient backdrop for my fear of flying. However, I'm an avid fisherman. In fact, fishing is my avocation. To me, there's nothing like putting bait on you hook and casting it into a peaceful stream. No phones to ring, no supervisors to badger you. I'm still a bachelor, so I have plenty of time for fishing. The problem is that now, the best fishing spots are accessible only by small planes. Thus, I find myself looking rather awkward today as I stumble and stagger towards the small plane that awaits me. Why am I flying when I know how dangerous it is? Is this fishing spot really so great? My awareness of the danger is suppressed only by my thoughts of fabulous fishing. But I can hardly keep my balance as I struggle forward with my baggage. Just like any other fear, you have to face it one step at a time. 我很反感坐飞机,倒不是因为我没骨气。事实上,除了坐飞机外,我相当勇敢。每天我都戴着警徽,逮捕凶险的罪犯。我对飞行的反感还要从我小时候说起。 8岁时,我的临时保姆带我坐短途飞机去看妈妈,我们搭的是一架小飞机。那天天气相当糟糕。才飞了一半的路程,我们就撞上了暴风雨,结果飞机完全不停飞行员使唤。强劲的风力弄得飞机翻了好几个横滚,简直就像个绕轴心旋转的球。几秒钟后,飞行员重新控制住飞机,方才避免了异常灾难。 我发誓再也不坐飞机了。这个故事足以作为我惧怕坐飞机的背景。 然而,我却非常热衷于钓鱼。事实上,钓鱼是我的一大嗜好。对我来说,给鱼勾上饵然后将鱼钩投进宁静的小溪是再美不过的事了:没有电话在叮铃作响,没有主管来烦你。我又是个单身汉,因此有充足的时间来钓鱼。现在,问题在于最好的钓鱼地点都只有乘坐小飞机才能到达。 于是乎,我跌跌撞撞地走向正在等我的小飞机,一面觉得自己今天尤为笨拙。我干吗明知有危险,还要照飞不误呢?这个钓鱼的地方真的很棒吗?唯有想想钓鱼的美好才能让我忘却危险的意识。但在拉着行李往前赶时,我几乎无法保持平衡。 对付任何恐惧感,你必须一步一个脚印地直面应对,不可回避。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事记单词】003 一位作家的法子

    定为五星级住所,一到酒店,经理会亲自陪你去房间,然后教你如何使用房间里的设施。酒店人员受过专业训练,能满足你的一切需要。服务上的任何差错都纯属偶然。此地安全性极高,几乎不会有陌生人上来跟你搭讪。 每个房间都有眺望大海的阳台。在阳台上,你会看到一把大皮椅和一张结实的书桌。浴室相当现代,里面有许多独特的摆设。其中,浴缸里最有用的摆设是一张迷你桌,有了它你就可以一边泡热水澡一边写作了。 在写了一整天之后,要想继续做一名好作家,你还得有放松大脑的法子。我的放松秘方是什么?拉手风琴! 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    标题不用写 觉得材料太难的童鞋可以先下载音频下来听,觉得听得差不多了再来听写。语速稍快,用词不难的。美式拼法。 Hints: 无 I work on an assembly line in a car factory. Most days, I just assemble car parts. Occasionally, they’ll ask me to assay an unknown drugs substance. Once in a while, I’ll be asked to assist with breaking up a fight. Assault is not common here. But now and then, a frustrated worker will assail his assistant by casting aspersions on some aspect of the other’s work. They called it “the company” but it was really a secret government group trained to assassinate political leaders. I never aspired to be an assassin. In fact, I was an aspiring chemist and a regular soldier in the army. All I really wanted was to do something great or important for my country. But sometimes, having too great an aspiration can lead you astray. I still recall the day of the assembly. It was a small gathering of highly skilled people like me. “The company” was assessing our abilities in the areas of weaponry and chemistry. I was a top chemist and a natural marksman, probably the best in my group. They ascribed my success to my steady hands and sharp eyes, the same tools I used for chemistry. After the assembly, they gave us our assignments. I was assigned to assimilate into the mainstream society of a Latin American country. It wasn’t long before I was doing things that I will forever be ashamed to admit. It’s been over for about 15 years. But I’ll never feel clean and I’ll never be able to assert that I have been a good man all my life. 我在一家汽车厂的流水线上工作。大多数时候,我只是组装汽车配件。有时,他们会让我化验某种不明药物。有时,我又去帮忙劝架。这里很少有人身攻击。不过,时不时会有一名灰心丧气的工人抨击他的助手,就其工作的某方面进行诽谤。我被视为公司的宝贝。但20年前,我被另一家完全不同的公司视为另一种类型的宝贝。 他们所谓的“公司”实际上是一个受过训练、专门暗杀政界领导人的秘密政府组织。我从未渴望做个刺客。事实上,我是个有抱负的化学家,又是部队中的一名常备兵。我的全部思想就是成就大事、为国效力。但有时,理想过于远大只会将你引入歧途。 我仍记得那天的集会。那是个小集会,与会者都是些像我这样的技术精湛的人员。当时“公司”评估我们在武器和化学领域的才能。我既是最优秀的化学家,又是天生的神枪手,很可能是我们小组中最棒的。他们将我的成功归于我稳健的双手和敏锐的眼睛,这也是我搞化学时用的工具。 会后,“公司”给我们下达了任务。我的任务是渗透进入一个拉美国家的主流社会。不久,我就开始做些我永远耻于承认的事情。 这一切已经过去15年了。但我将永远感到自己的肮脏,永远无法斩钉截铁地说我做了一辈子的好人。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    标题不用写 hints: A.J. Alexander Justice You can call me A.J. , which is an abbreviation of my full name, Alexander Justice. I like to abbreviate my name because it's easier for people to remember. I work for a museum that collects aboriginal artifacts. I would like to tell you why I have an abiding faith in the legal system. The story you're about to read has been abridged to reduce its length. I used to live in an area where criminals abounded and where the legal system seemed powerless. One day, my daughter was abducted. Although I abided by the kidnapper's monetary demands, they refused to release her. I had no choice but to put my faith in the legal authorities. The police responded immediately and searched the area. Despite their lack of success, they refused to abandon their search or to call an abort to their mission. They knew that any abortive action would surely result in my daughter's death. The investigation eventually led the police to conduct an abrupt search at the home of a local official who was abashed when he learned of the search. My daughter was found in his basement. She had abrasions to her wrists where the abrasive rope had scraped her. The official was arrested along with his bodyguard who abetted him in the kidnapping. The official was forced to abdicate his position and was sent to prison for life. The judge told him that he was lucky that capital punishment had been abolished and that it was only due to this abolition that he would not be executed. The swift apprehension and strict punishment of these criminals helped to abate my lack of faith in the legal system. These days, I truly believe in "justice", and it's not because of my name! 你可以叫我A.J.,这是我的全名Alexander Justice的缩写。我喜欢缩写我的名字,因为这样人们更容易记忆。我在一家收藏土著手工艺品的博物馆工作。 我要告诉你为什么我会始终不渝的信任法制。下面你将读到的故事已被删剪,以免冗长。 我曾住在一个罪犯多如牛毛而法律又软弱的地区。我女儿遭到绑架。尽管我遵从了绑架者的金钱要求,他们仍拒绝释放她。我别无选择只好寄希望法律。警察立刻行动全面搜查该地。虽然徒劳无获,但他们不愿中止行动放弃搜查,因为他们知道任何失败都将导致我女儿的死亡。 调查到最后警察部门决定出其不意的搜查当地一名官员的家。那名官员得知被搜查时羞愧难当。警察在他的地下室找