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I'm averse to flying. It's not that I don't have a backbone. In fact, I am otherwise very brave. I wear a police badge everyday and I arrest dangerous criminals. My aversion to aviation dates back to when I was a child. When I was eight years old, my babysitter took me on a short flight to visit my mom. We flew in a small plane. The weather conditions were very bad that day. Halfway to our destination, we hit a terrible storm. The aviator lost control of the plane. The powerful wind made the plane do several barrel rolls. It was like we were in a ball that was spinning on an axis. After a few seconds, the aviator regained control and averted a disaster. I avowed never to fly in a small plane again. That story should serve as a sufficient backdrop for my fear of flying. However, I'm an avid fisherman. In fact, fishing is my avocation. To me, there's nothing like putting bait on you hook and casting it into a peaceful stream. No phones to ring, no supervisors to badger you. I'm still a bachelor, so I have plenty of time for fishing. The problem is that now, the best fishing spots are accessible only by small planes. Thus, I find myself looking rather awkward today as I stumble and stagger towards the small plane that awaits me. Why am I flying when I know how dangerous it is? Is this fishing spot really so great? My awareness of the danger is suppressed only by my thoughts of fabulous fishing. But I can hardly keep my balance as I struggle forward with my baggage. Just like any other fear, you have to face it one step at a time.
我很反感坐飞机,倒不是因为我没骨气。事实上,除了坐飞机外,我相当勇敢。每天我都戴着警徽,逮捕凶险的罪犯。我对飞行的反感还要从我小时候说起。 8岁时,我的临时保姆带我坐短途飞机去看妈妈,我们搭的是一架小飞机。那天天气相当糟糕。才飞了一半的路程,我们就撞上了暴风雨,结果飞机完全不停飞行员使唤。强劲的风力弄得飞机翻了好几个横滚,简直就像个绕轴心旋转的球。几秒钟后,飞行员重新控制住飞机,方才避免了异常灾难。 我发誓再也不坐飞机了。这个故事足以作为我惧怕坐飞机的背景。 然而,我却非常热衷于钓鱼。事实上,钓鱼是我的一大嗜好。对我来说,给鱼勾上饵然后将鱼钩投进宁静的小溪是再美不过的事了:没有电话在叮铃作响,没有主管来烦你。我又是个单身汉,因此有充足的时间来钓鱼。现在,问题在于最好的钓鱼地点都只有乘坐小飞机才能到达。 于是乎,我跌跌撞撞地走向正在等我的小飞机,一面觉得自己今天尤为笨拙。我干吗明知有危险,还要照飞不误呢?这个钓鱼的地方真的很棒吗?唯有想想钓鱼的美好才能让我忘却危险的意识。但在拉着行李往前赶时,我几乎无法保持平衡。 对付任何恐惧感,你必须一步一个脚印地直面应对,不可回避。