Hint: Mike Aw Mr. Moan
"The situation is really not that complicated, Mike. The company simply has a compendium of charges that have been compiled against you and they just don' t want you to work here any more! There's nothing I can do to help you!" "Aw come on, Mr. Moan. We’re old compatriots in this company. We've always shared compartments and I thought we had such compatible characteristics! I'm as competent as you are with often more compelling excuses for our bosses as to why we missed the completion of project deadlines! You need me!" "Actually not, Mike. Ever since they promoted me, they have been compelling me to get rid of you. And please don' t make any comparison to your lying ways and my honest mistakes."
“情况真的没有那么复杂,麦克。公司只不过有一份编你故事的清单,他们就是不想让你在这儿再干下去了,我确实是爱莫能助。” “不会吧,摩恩先生。我们在这家公司共事多年,我们一直在同一分隔间工作,而且我觉得咱俩有那么多共同特点!我和你一样有能力,我还经常有更多非常有说明力的理由向老板交待,告诉他为什么我们没能按时完成计划!你需要我!” “实际上我不需要你,麦克。自从他们提升我之后,就一直逼我请你走人。请不要拿你的满嘴谎言和我犯的老实人的错误进行比较。”