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I love to associate with my fellow teachers. We meet at least twice each week at the faculty association meetings. At these meetings, we often talk about our classes over a wonderful snack of assorted fruits. We're a close-knit group, although we're quite different in character. Jane is one of my most astute colleagues. She teaches a course in astronomical phenomenon. Her students are often astonished when she talks about black holes and her theory of the shrinking universe. But she is careful to assuage their concerns. She assures them that her theory is based on a number of assumptions that may turn out to be untrue. My friend Bob teaches nuclear physics. He says it's all about atoms, atomic particles and atomization. I assume he knows what he's talking about. He must know, given how assuredly he speaks about the subject. Mary teaches religion. However, she is an atheist. She has an excellent sense of humor. She often jokes about how she may end up having to atone for not believing in God. Jim is our school's physical education teacher. He's natural athlete and he loves basketball. He never fails to astound us with his ability to dunk a basketball backwards without looking. Lastly, there's Sally, our teacher of geometry. She likes to talk about symmetrical and asymmetrical triangles. Frankly, it drives me crazy to think about those things. But I like her stimulating personality. She probably knows how to turn a boring subject into a fascinating one. As for me, I teach art. It brings out my creative side.
我喜欢跟其他老师交往。在每星期的教师协会例会上,我们至少碰面两次。会上,我们常常是一面享用各式各样的美味水果,一面谈论各自教授的课程。我们是一个融洽的整体,尽管性情各异。 简是我认识的最机敏的老师之一,她教授关于天文现象的课程。每当她谈起黑洞和她的宇宙缩小论,学生们都惊讶不已。但她又会体贴的消除他们的忧虑。她向学生们保证,她的理论是建立在若干假设基础之上的,这些假设将可能被证明是错误的。 我的朋友鲍勃教授核物理学,他说这是一门关于原子、原子微粒和原子化的课程。我认为他对他所谈论的一切已经烂熟于心。他谈起核物理时是如此自信,想必是术业有专攻。 玛丽教宗教,但她自己却是个无神论者。她及其幽默,常常开玩笑说她最终可能要为不信仰上帝而赎罪。 吉姆是我们学校的体育老师。他是名天生的运动员,热爱篮球。我们总是惊讶于他不回头看就能背投中的扣篮技术。 最后还有我们的几何老师莎莉。她喜欢谈论对称和不对称的三角形。坦率地说,考虑那些玩意能把我逼疯。但我喜欢她那种能激励人的性格。她肯定知道如何将一个无聊的话题变得趣味盎然,欲罢不能。 至于我自己,我教艺术。艺术能发挥出我富有创造性的一面。