450)this.width=450"> 标题不用写 觉得材料太难的童鞋可以先下载音频下来听,觉得听得差不多了再来听写。语速稍快,用词不难的。 hints: Bob Jim
Bob is an excellent trial lawyer with a superior legal acumen. Unlike many other lawyers that need to use acronyms to remember certain legal principles, Bob simply uses his photographic memory. What makes Bob even more special is his acute sense for reading people's emotions, especially those of jurors. Due to his reputation, he is able to acquire the most interesting cases. His jealous competitors often accuse him of being too acquisitive and of taking away their business. But I respect Bob for his many achievements. I remember the first trial he ever did. Bob was hired by an acquaintance named Jim to defend him against a criminal charge. Jim was accused of intentionally throwing acid on another man's arm in a laboratory where they were both activating chemicals. Jim was adamant that the accusation was false. He claimed it was an accident that occurred during an argument. Being a contract lawyer, Bob was not accustomed to handling trials in front of a jury. However, he agreed to the acquisition of Jim's case because he strongly believed in Jim's innocence. The thought of an innocent man being convicted of a crime he didn't commit actuated Bob's hidden trial skills. At the trial, Bob proved that the other man caused his own injury by pushing Jim while Jim was working with dangerous chemicals. Bob also proved that the man's claim of an acute injury was false. The actual injury was minor. Bob asked the jury to acquit Jim of all criminal charges. Amazingly, Bob achieved an acquittal for Jim. I'll never forget what Bob did for Jim, because I was there. I am Jim. In fact, I still remember the adage Bob used to explain why he took my case for free. He said, "In doing, we learn."
鲍勃是一名出色的辩护律师,他拥有超群的法律才智。许多律师需要用首字母缩写词才能记住某些法律准则,鲍勃则不然,他只需用他那照相机般的记忆就足矣。鲍勃还有更特别的地方,他能敏锐地把握人们的思想感情,尤其陪审员的思想感情。 他声名大噪,因此总能获得最有意思的案子。那些嫉妒的竞争对手常常指责他贪得无厌地抢走他们的生意。但是我为鲍勃取得的众多成就而尊敬他。我还记得他出庭参加的第一次审判。 鲍勃受雇于一个叫吉姆的熟人,为他所遭受的刑事指控进行辩护。吉姆被指控在实验室里故意将酸泼到另一个人的胳膊上,当时两人正在激活某些化学物。吉姆坚信这项指控是假的。他声称这是在争执中出现的一场意外。作为一名合同律师,鲍勃不习惯在陪审团面前做辩护。但是他还是答应接下吉姆的案子,因为他坚信吉姆是清白的。一想到一个无辜的人将因为莫须有的罪名而遭判处,鲍勃潜在的辩护能力就被激活了。 法庭上,鲍勃证实了那个人是在吉姆正在试验危险化学物时推搡了吉姆才弄伤自己的。他还证实那个人所谓重伤是假的,事实上只是轻伤,鲍勃要求陪审团宣告吉姆无罪。令人惊讶的是,鲍勃果真为吉姆赢得了无罪释放的判决。 我永远不会忘记鲍勃为吉姆做的一切,因为当时我就在现场,我就是吉姆。实际上,我仍记得鲍勃再解释为什么为我免费辩护时所用的格言:“实践长才干。”