Leonard Schlesinger
Au Bong Pain
Michael Beer
BBDO’s Al Rosenshine


Leonard Schlesinger, a Harvard academic and former chief executive of Au Bong Pain, a rapidly growing chain of bakery cafes, says that much 're-engineering' has been crude. In many cases, he believes, the loss of revenue has been greater than the reductions in cost. His colleague, Michael Beer, says that far too many companies have applied re-engineering in a mechanistic fashion, chopping out costs without giving sufficient thought to long term profitability. BBDO's Al Rosenshine is blunter. He dismisses a lot of the work of re-engineering consultants as mere rubbish – 'the worst sort of ambulance-chasing.'
哈佛学者,快速发展的面包咖啡连锁店Au Bon Pain的前任总裁莱昂纳多•施莱辛格说,"重新规划"大多是粗糙的。他认为在很多情况下,企业收益的损失超出了成本的降低。他的同事迈克•比尔说,太多的公司采用了机械的方式进行重组,没有充分考虑长期赢利能力就削减成本。BBDD的艾尔•罗森夏恩更是直言不讳。他把重组顾问所做的许多工作视为垃圾--"典型的劳而无获"。