I wrote your name in the sand,

but the waves washed it away. 

I wrote your name in the sky,

but the wind blew it away.

I wrote your name in my heart,

and forever it will stay.



Recently, the film, Your Name, shows in the mainland,  which is so popular among the younger. Like a landscape shining after heavy rain, it feels like real life with the sharpness, brightness and sensation turned right up. Teen-age Mitsuha is bored with her life in rural Japan; Taki is a boy in heroine’s age, living in Tokyo. Just a few times a week, it’sunexpectedly that they wake up in each other’s bodies. They have to navigate their everyday lives without knowing where to find anything or who anybody is.While in the end, Taki decides to search for Mistuha and Mistuha attends to do the same. Finally, they find out they don’t live in the same time during the body-swap.

“To avoid forgetting about each other, Mitsuha, let’s write down our names.” However, their memories about each other have been wiped awayunavoidably. Eight years later, Taki can't figure out why he was drawn to Itomori, he can’t understand why he was so obsessed with the stories happened there.“

“Once  in a while ,I find myself crying when I wake up”,Mitsuha once said.

“I can never recall the dreams that I must have had. The sensation that I’ve lost something, lingers for a long time after I wake up.” Taki once said.“




Your Name, this film, is a tale of what happens to a boy and girl who are destined to meet. Neither one knows it yet, but somewhere out there is a person they are bound to care deeply about. And it seems like we have been searching for something that even we can’t remember.

The rhythm of modern city life is always very fast. We are all-nighters for coming meetings,sometimes run off our feet for our presentations. On the street, we hurry for all directionsand we are too busy to dress up for a date,having difficulty in moving on and starting a new relationship.

It has been such a long time that we gradually get used to be alone.



We finally grow up to be the men and women that we’ve always dreamt of since our childhood, but somehow we are mature enough and behave like the robots that without feelings and love. In a relationship, we are supposed to be simple, instead we play tricks and wrap other around our little fingers. We lay emphasis on receiving and losing that we are afraid of giving.

Falling in love is supposed to human’s instinct, but the situation doesn't appear the same. Girls and boys, who burst into tears in rain now calmly let tears run down from their eyes, tell themselves they’ve got work to do tomorrow.

Nevertheless,some are willing to hold dear to love.At the moment Mitsuha and Taki met with each other, tears welled from our eyes.


“What had caught my interest so much is now a mystery to me. But at a point, I was inexplicably drawn to the events surrounding that comet.”

“I feel like I am always searching for something, for someone.” 

She liked him, so her heart was hurt deeply when he went for the date that she designed.

He adored her, so he spared no efforts to save her life when he knew she would die for the fall of the comet.

Sadly, although he kept repeating her name, he still forgot it.

Although he failed to write down her name, the “I love you” remained on her hand.



Perhaps there are bounds between people,which is hard to explain. When Taki turned around to ask Mitsuha whether they had met before, they asked at the same time,” what’s your name?” It might be a fiction story, but the feeling is true.

Your Name, is cure for those who have lost faith in true love. Whenever we are overwhelmed by some invisible pressure, we crave for the love we once had, we crave for the person that we once eat dinner and watch movies together. We all need someone to share things with in our life. We are on a great journey. We need someone to be there for us when we are tired and want to give up. Whenever we realize that there is someone we miss so much deep inside, take a deep breath and carry on for I believe there is always a shelter for my soul. So there are plenty of strong –minded people who are brave enough to fight for love once more time, no matter what they met before or how heart-broken they were. All the seeking is for happiness. See, among all these people, we are able to find each other.

For this time, I strongly believe that there will be the one who keeps searching for us from dawn to dusk.To you, please believe that we must reunite in the future, even if I forget your name. One thing is certain. If we see each other, we will know.