restlessly ad.不安定地;烦躁地
He surveyed the worried faces before him, then asked:"how many completed all five questions?" Not a hand was raised. "How many answered four?" Still no hands. "Three? Two?" The students shifted restlessly in their seats. "One, then? Certainly somebody finished one." But the class remained silent. The professor put down the papers. "that is exactly what I expected," he said. I just want to impress upon you that, even though you have completed four years of engineering. There are still many things about the subject you don't know. These questions you could not answer are relatively common in everyday practice." Then,smiling,he added:"you will all pass this course, but remember-even though you are now college graduates,your education has just begun." The years have obscured the name of this professor, but not the lesson he taught.
他环视了一下面前这些忧郁的脸,问道:“有多少人完成了这5道题?” 没有一个人举手。 “多少人完成了4道?” 仍然没有人举手。 “有完成3道的吗?2道的?” 同学们在椅子上不安地移动着。 “那么,一道呢?总有人做完一道题吧。” 但是,教室里仍是寂静无声。教授放下了试卷。“这就是我所期望的。”他说。 “我只是想让你们留下一个深刻印象,尽管你们学完了四年工程学,仍然有很多这个专业的东西你们还不懂。你们回答不了的这些问题在日常应用中是相当普遍的。”接着,他微笑着说:“你们都将通过这门课,但是要记住——即使你已经大学毕业,你的教育也只不过是刚刚开始。” 岁月模糊了这位教授的名字,但他教的这堂课却一直留在记忆里。