1.inspiration n. 灵感,吸入,鼓舞人心(的东西)
Strive for Life  Knowing that life truly is short and can only be lived once is probably the best line of thinking for inspiration. All humans live on a large planet, filled with exciting new experiences, adventures, knowledge, and a wealth of resources to help one with gaining wisdom and knowledge. To realize this and to allow life to take place in this is to responsibly live life. Are all humans bound for foreign lands, foreign thought, or foreign experiences? No. Should all humans hope to experience foreign lands, foreign thought, and foreign experiences? Without question. Having a responsible, reasonable, and mature grasp, mentally, of all that is out there to enhance one’s experience in life, is one of the greatest blessings one can bestow upon himself. For knowing that the tools one has through birth need to be used and practiced with; sharpened and prepared for more difficult and challenging use, does one truly and actively approach living life from a strong foundation. Why should anyone try to live life in a constant motion towards becoming greater, becoming stronger, and becoming wiser and more educated? Why not? For facing life with arms crossed, brow furrowed, and expectation as a rule is, without question, a waste. Living life is all about striving forward. So why not do what one can, utilizing one’s God-given tools, to become the greatest individual one can be? Live. Accept. Face. Strive. Truly live.
为生活而奋斗 懂得生命短暂,而且只有一次,就会对生活充满热情。人们生活在一个巨大的星球上,每天都充满着新的历程,学到新的知识,掌握到大量的资源,并以此来获得智慧与知识。认识到这一点,并且如此生活,才是有质量的生活。是不是每个人都要去外国,了解外国人的想法,体验外国的生活呢?不是。但是不是每个人都应当有去外国,了解外国人的想法,体验外国的生活的想法呢?毫无疑问,是的。作为一个有责任心、有理智、有思想、成熟的人,去增长见识无疑是对自己最好的奖赏。因为人天赋的能力应当被使用、被锻炼、被磨砺,为日后所面临的困难和挑战做准备,这就为他积极和真实地面对生活打下坚实的基础。 为什么一个人要变得更伟大、更强壮、更聪明、更有知识呢?为什么不呢?因为如果抱着手、皱着眉地对待生活,那么所有的期望都会化为泡影。生活就是要奋勇前进。所以,为什么不好好地利用上帝赋予我们的能力,尽量变成一个最优秀的人呢?生活、接受、面对、奋斗,这就是真实的生活。