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    到他孤零零地呆在利物浦繁忙的街头,”欧肖先生对他们解释说,“我总不能让他就那么死了吧。他可以睡在你们的房里。”但亨德雷和凯瑟琳气恼没有得到礼物,不肯让这个野孩子睡在他们的房间。在欧肖先生的坚持下,一家人还是渐渐地接受了这个孩子。给他起了个名字叫希斯克利夫,既是名,也是姓。始终没人搞清楚他的父母是谁。[/cn] 解析:little by little 渐渐地、逐渐地 eg:We are growing up little by little. 我们正在渐渐长大。 [en]Catnerine and he became great friends,but Hindley hated  him,and was often cruel to him.Old Mr Earnshaw was strangely fond of this gipsy child,and frequently punished his son for behaving badly to Heathcliff.Hindley began to be jealous of his father's feelings for Heathcliff,and saw them both as enemies. [/en][cn]凯瑟琳和他成了好朋友,但亨德雷不喜欢他,对他常常很粗暴。老欧肖先生异乎寻常地喜欢这个吉卜赛孩子,时常因为自己的儿子对希斯克利夫不友善而惩罚他。亨德雷开始嫉妒他父亲对希斯克利夫的感情,视他俩为敌。[/cn] [en]This situation could not last.As Mr Earnshaw grew old and ill,Heathcliff became even more his favourite,and Hindley often quarrelled with his father.When Hindley was sent away to study,I hoped that we would have peace in the house.But then it was that old servant Joseph who caused trouble.He tried to persuade his master to be stricter with the children,and was always complaining that Heathcliff and Catherine did not spend enough time studying the Bible or attending church services. [/en][cn]这种情况不可能持续下去。随着欧肖先生变得年迈多病,他越发地偏爱希斯克利夫了,而亨德雷则常同他父亲吵架。当亨德雷被送到外头上学后,我本指望我们能在家里过上安稳日子。但又轮到老仆人约瑟夫招惹是非。他试图怂恿他的主人对孩子们再严厉些,总是抱怨希斯克利夫和凯瑟琳不下功夫研读《圣经》和参加教堂的礼拜。[/cn] 解析:cause 可以做名词也可以做动词,作名词表示原因,事业的意思。作动词表示引起、使……遭受,文章中诗作动词。 eg:The resignation of the prime minister will cause much confusion. 首相的辞职将引起很大的混乱。 [en]Catherine was a wild,wicked girl in those days.We had to watch her every moment of the day,to stop her playing her tricks on us.She was proud,and liked giving orders.But she had the prettiest face and the sweetest smile you've ever seen.I could forgive her anything when she came to say she was sorry. [/en][cn]凯瑟琳当时是个任性、淘气的姑娘。我们一天到晚都得盯着她,一不留意就做我们的恶作剧。她自大,好发号施令。但您从没看到过她那可爱的小脸和甜甜的微笑。只要她过来说抱歉时,我就什么都原谅她了。[/cn]

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    要是哪天晚上他忘了,我就会杀了他!”[/cn] 解析:up to know 迄今为止、至今 eg: Up to now, only one passenger survived from the crash. 目前为止,还只有一名乘客在空难中幸存。 [en]'Why do you hate him so much?' I asked. [/en][cn]“你为什么这么恨他?”我问。[/cn] [en]'Because he's taken everything from me!' he shouted angrily. 'There's nothing left for Hareton to inherit! But I'm going to get it all back! and his money too, and then his blood. Then the devil can have his soul!' [/en][cn]“因为他抢走了我的一切!”他嚎道。“什么也没剩下让哈里顿去继承!但我会把它全夺回来的!还有他的钱,还有他的血。然后魔鬼就能收去他的灵魂!”[/cn] [en]He seemed mad to me, Ellen. I left him, and went to find the old servant, Joseph. It seemed that Heathcliff's room was locked, and there were no guest bedrooms, so in the end I slept on a chair in the child's room. What a welcome to my new home! [/en][cn]我看他好像疯了,艾伦。我离开了他,去找那个老仆约瑟夫。希斯克利夫的房间似乎是锁着的,也没有给客人住的卧室,所以最后我在孩子的房里睡下了。到了我的新家,他们就这么欢迎我![/cn]

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    到我怀里,亨德雷慢条斯理地朝楼下走来。[/cn] 解析:stare down死死盯着,瞪眼使(某人)不敢抬头看 He rudely stared down my friend in the corner of the street. 在街角他把我的朋友盯得

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    要死,文中采用的是第一种意思 eg: She died of thirst. 她是渴死的。 [en]He was away for three weeks. Cathy did not cause me any trouble at first. She spent her days walking her dogs and riding her pony in the large garden. But one day she asked if she could stay out the whole day, and away she went on her little pony, with her two dogs running behind. [/en][cn]他走了三个星期。开始凯茜没给我添什么麻烦。她整天在大花园里溜狗,骑她的小马。但有一天她问能不能到外面呆一整天,然后骑上她的小马,后面跟着两条狗就走了。[/cn] [en]There was no sign of her at tea-time, and I began to be seriously worried. I went outside to look for her. At the gate I found a [w]workman[/w], who had seen-her jump the low wall separating the garden from the road, and then ride on towards the hills and Wuthering Heights. [/en][cn]到了吃茶点的时候还没见她的人影,我开始真的担心起来。我到外面找她。我在大门前碰到一个佣工,他曾看见她跳过花园和路之间的矮墙,骑着马朝山丘和呼啸山庄的方向去了。[/cn] 解析:look for寻找 eg: He began to look for a new job immediately after he was fired. 在被解雇后他立马开始寻找新的工作。 [en]I was very frightened now. She could be lost on the moors! She could have tried to climb the hills, and fallen! I walked across the moors as fast as I could, and arrived breathless at Wuthering Heights. How glad I was to see one of her dogs lying outside the kitchen door! I knocked loudly, and Zillah let me in. I knew she had been the housekeeper there since Hindley's death. [/en][cn]这时我吓坏了。她可能在荒原里迷了路!她可能试图爬山时摔了下来!我以最快的速度走过荒原,上气不接下气地赶到呼啸山庄。当看到厨房的门前躺着凯茜的一条狗,我真是如释重负!我大声敲门,齐拉把我让了进去。我知道亨德雷死后她就成了这儿的女管家。[/cn]

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    Edgar. [/en][cn]“是谁,艾伦?”艾加先生问。[/cn] [en]'It's that Heathcliff, sir.You remember, he used to live at Wuthering Heights.' [/en][cn]“是那个希斯克利夫,先生。您记得,他以前住在呼啸山庄。”[/cn]

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    忍让她伤心,把信扔到桌子上。她急切地读着每一个字,还问了我几个关于画眉山庄里的人的问题。[/cn] 解析:pretend 假装、假扮 eg: He pretended to be indifferent to the news. 他装呼啸山庄作对这个消息不感兴趣的样子。 [en]'Mrs Dean will want an answer to her letter,' I reminded her. [/en][cn]“迪恩夫人想有回信,”我提醒她。[/cn] [en]'You must tell her that I have no paper or pens to write with. I haven't even any books!' she answered sadly. [/en][cn]“你一定要告诉她我没有可用来写信的纸和笔。我连书都没有!”她难过地说。[/cn] [en]'No books!' I cried. 'How can you [w]manage[/w] without them in this lonely place?' [/en][cn]“没有书!”我叫道。“在这么孤寂的地方没有书你是怎么过的?”[/cn] [en]'I always used to read so much that Mr Heathcliff decided to take away my only [w]pleasure[/w] and destroy my books. I've looked all over the house for them. Joseph only reads the Bible, but some of my books are in Hareton's room! Why did you take them,Hareton? Just because you enjoy stealing? They can't be any [w]use[/w] to you!' [/en][cn]“我过去总是很喜欢读书,所以希斯克利夫先生决定剥夺我唯一的乐趣,把我的书毁掉。我整个屋子都找遍了。约瑟夫只读《圣经》,可我的一些书却在哈里顿的房间里!你为什么要拿那些书,哈里顿?只是因为你喜欢偷东西吗?它们对你没什么用”[/cn]

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    点心和热茶。他只想着自己。希斯克利夫先生跟他在一个房间里根本呆不下去!”[/cn] [en]Several years passed without any more news of Linton. In 1800 Cathy reached the age of sixteen. We never celebrated her birthday, because it was also the day her mother died. On this particular day she came downstairs, dressed for going out, and suggested a walk on the moors with me. Her father gave [w]permission[/w]. [/en][cn]又是几年过去了,没再呼啸山庄听到林顿的消息。1880年凯茜满16岁了。我们从未庆祝过她的生日,因为她母亲也是那一天去世的。就在这个不寻常的日子她一身出门的装束走下楼来,提议和我到荒原上去走走。她父亲同意了。[/cn]

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    and that wicked Hindley,that at Thrushcross Grange with those two fools!’ [/en][cn]“不是那么回事儿,艾伦!猜猜我们从他们起居室的窗子望进去时看到了什么?那是一个很漂亮的房间,铺着软软的地毯,四壁洁白。凯瑟琳和我要是有那么一间该多好!但就在这漂亮房间的中间,伊莎贝拉和艾加·林顿正围着一条小狗又吵又闹!他们多傻啊,艾伦!如果凯瑟琳想要什么东西,我就会给她,她对我也一样。就算约瑟夫和那个坏亨德雷惩罚我,我也宁愿跟凯瑟琳在呼啸山庄,而不愿在画眉山庄与那两个傻瓜在一起!”[/cn] 解析:nonsense 胡说、乱说;荒谬

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    ]refused[/w] at first, and Linton sent him several more letters. I am sure they had all been carefully checked by Heathcliff before they were posted. [/en][cn]到了春天艾加先生的病情依旧,他还在为凯茜的前程担忧。有一天,他写信给林顿请他来画眉山庄作客。林顿回了一封长信,解释说他父亲不许他来。他恳求舅舅让他见凯茜一面,到画眉山庄和呼啸山庄之间的荒原上去散步或者骑马,因为他们在哪个家里都不能会面。艾加先生开始不同意,接着林顿又给他写了几封信。我肯定那些信在寄出前都经希斯克利夫仔细审查过。[/cn]