12 Bringing up Cathy
12 凯茜长大了

解析:bring up 养大、教育、使成长;提出、提供
eg: It is not easy to bring up a child.

1797 During the next twelve years I was happier than I had ever been before. All my time was spent looking after little Cathy, who brought sunshine into our lives. She was a real beauty, with the Earnshaws' dark eyes and the Lintons' fair skin. She wasn't as proud and quick-tempered as her mother, but she was used to getting what she wanted. Her father loved her so much that he gave her everything, and never scolded her.
1797年 在以后的12年里,我比以前任何时候都过得舒心。我所有的时间都花在照看小凯茜身上,她给我们的生活带来了阳光。她是一个不折不扣的小美人,长着欧肖家的黑眼睛,林顿家的白皮肤。她不像她母亲那样孤傲和脾气暴躁,但也是习惯了要什么有什么。她的父亲对她非常宠爱,什么都给她,也从不责骂。

解析:quick-tempered 易怒的、性急的
eg: He seemed to be quick-tempered, but was acturally not difficult to deal with.

Until she was thirteen she had never been outside the Grange garden alone. She knew nothing of Wuthering Heights or Heathcliff. She often asked me about the hills in the distance, beyond the moors, and wanted to ride her pony there. I knew the master would not let her leave the safety of the Grange to go so far, especially as the road to the hills passed close to Wuthering Heights. So I always told her she would be able to go there when she was older. I did not know what she was planning.

解析:moor 沼泽、荒野
eg: Don't go across the moor alone.

Mr Edgar received a letter from his sister Isabella. She wrote that she was dying of a fever, and asked him to visit her for the first and last time. She also wanted him to take care of her son Linton after her death. Although my master hated travelling, he did not hesitate to do as she requested. He told me to look after Cathy carefully, and left at once.

解析:die of 死于……、因……而死;……得要死,文中采用的是第一种意思
eg: She died of thirst.

He was away for three weeks. Cathy did not cause me any trouble at first. She spent her days walking her dogs and riding her pony in the large garden. But one day she asked if she could stay out the whole day, and away she went on her little pony, with her two dogs running behind.

There was no sign of her at tea-time, and I began to be seriously worried. I went outside to look for her. At the gate I found a workman, who had seen-her jump the low wall separating the garden from the road, and then ride on towards the hills and Wuthering Heights.

解析:look for寻找
eg: He began to look for a new job immediately after he was fired.

I was very frightened now. She could be lost on the moors! She could have tried to climb the hills, and fallen! I walked across the moors as fast as I could, and arrived breathless at Wuthering Heights. How glad I was to see one of her dogs lying outside the kitchen door! I knocked loudly, and Zillah let me in. I knew she had been the housekeeper there since Hindley's death.