7 Heathcliff returns
7 希斯克利夫回来了

1783 Well, sir, when Miss Catherine became Mrs Linton,and we went to live at Thrushcross Grange, I must say I was surprised and pleased by her behaviour. She showed great fondness for her husband, and for his sister, Isabella. He, of course, was very anxious that no one should disobey her, or make her angry. If she was depressed for a time, he blamed it on the illness she had had, and was sympathetic. But for most of the time, I believe they shared a deep and growing love for each other.
1783年 好的,先生。凯瑟琳小姐成了林顿夫人,我们就去住到画眉山庄,我得说她的表现让我又惊又喜。她看上去对丈夫非常疼爱,对他妹妹伊莎贝拉也不错。自然,他很上心不叫人逆她的愿或给她气生。在她心情郁闷时,他就归咎于她得的那场病,大加同情。但在大部分时间里,我相信他们相互之间的深情不断增长着。

解析:fond 喜欢的,宠爱的
eg: He had a fondness for Whiskey.

disobey 违反、不服从 由否定前缀dis-和obey(服从、听从)组成
eg: He disobeyed his supervisor and was fired.

Unfortunately this happiness did not last. One evening I was bringing in a basket of apples from the garden, when a voice behind me said, 'Ellen,is that you? '

It was a deep, rather unusual voice. I turned, to see a tall, dark man in the shadow near the kitchen door.

'Don't you know me?' he asked,'Look,I'm not a stranger!'

'What!' I cried in surprise, for it had been four years since he disappeared. 'Heathcliff!Is it really you?'

'Yes,' he replied, looking up at the windows of the house. 'Are they at home? Where is she? Tell me, Ellen! I must speak to her!'

'I'm not sure if you should see her,' I hesitated. 'Will the shock be too much for her?'

解析:hesitate 踌躇、犹豫
eg: He hesitated and asked me if he could sit near me.

'Go and tell her I'm here, Ellen!' he said impatiently. 'Don't make me suffer like this!'

解析:impatiently 不耐烦地、没有耐心地
eg: He was impatiently waiting ouside the office.

I left him at the door, and went upstairs to find Mr and Mrs Linton. They were sitting quietly together, looking out over the peaceful valley. The room, and the view, and the two people, seemed so calm that I did not want to disturb them. But I had to deliver my message.

解析:disturb 打扰、妨碍
eg: Please don't disturb us when we are working.

'A man wants to see you, madam,' I muttered.

'I'll go downstairs and see him then,' replied Catherine, 'Bring the tea up, Ellen, while I'm away.' She left the room.

'Who is it, Ellen?' asked Mr Edgar.

'It's that Heathcliff, sir.You remember, he used to live at Wuthering Heights.'