17 Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights again
17 洛克伍德先生再访呼啸山庄

1802 After hearing the end of Mrs Dean's story, I made my plans for the future. I decided I did not want to spend another winter at the Grange, and told her I would ride to the Heights to inform my landlord. She handed me a letter to give to Cathy Heathcliff.
1802年 听完了迪恩夫人的故事,我为自己的将来做好了计划。我拿定主意不想在画眉山庄过第二个冬天了,我告诉她我要骑马到呼啸山庄去通知我的房东。她交给我一封信要我带给凯茜·希斯克利夫。

解析:make a plan for 为……制定计划
eg: I must a plan for my future.

inform 通知、告知、报告
eg: Please inform us how to find his house.

When I arrived at the gate, Hareton met me and took me into the house. Cathy was there, preparing vegetables for lunch. She did not bother to greet me.

'She may be beautiful,' I thought, 'but she's not very polite.' I passed by her chair, and cleverly dropped Mrs Dean's note in front of her, so that Hareton wouldn't see it. She, however, just said aloud, 'What's that?'

解析:pass by 经过、走过;去世、离世
eg: I passed by your house last night at about ten o'clock.

'A letter from the housekeeper at the Grange,' I said, annoyed with her. She gasped, and tried to pick it up, but Hareton got there first.

'Mr Heathcliff will want to look at this,' he said, putting it in his pocket. But when Cathy pretended to cry, Hareton could not bear to make her sad, and he threw the letter down on the table. She eagerly read every word, and asked me several questions about the people at the Grange.

解析:pretend 假装、假扮
eg: He pretended to be indifferent to the news.

'Mrs Dean will want an answer to her letter,' I reminded her.

'You must tell her that I have no paper or pens to write with. I haven't even any books!' she answered sadly.

'No books!' I cried. 'How can you manage without them in this lonely place?'

'I always used to read so much that Mr Heathcliff decided to take away my only pleasure and destroy my books. I've looked all over the house for them. Joseph only reads the Bible, but some of my books are in Hareton's room! Why did you take them,Hareton? Just because you enjoy stealing? They can't be any use to you!'