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最后两个单词是bachelorette parties

For the week? That's amazing. In the French countryside, on 20 acres in a castle. Travelers published a two-bedroom condo in Orlando this week, for 95 dollars that sleeps six, while you're right next to Disney World, steps away from Sea World and Universal Studios. This is a great value option for a family. The only concern that I might raise would be that, with a hotel, if you have any problems, you go complain to the management, you know they are gonna be responsive, you are gonna need that same level of service if you have any problems in a rental type situation. The answer is yes, but you have to do a little bit more homework on your own to guarantee that first of all, you are protected, you are protecting your investment. I mean, think about buying something on E-Bay, all the kinds of steps you take to guarantee that you are buying something that is legitimate. If you are taking a vacation, you wanna read reviews by former renters, and get a contract before your send any money, use a credit card instead of cash,or money order, and make sure you got a list of contact information once you are at the vacation rental. Let's go through some situations. This might be a good idea, and the first was my fantasy vacation, to get away with the family, or family reunion or something like that. Yeah. And some families are better equipped to be under the same roof than others, no doubt about that, but think about the fact if you rent a four-bedroom house versus renting a, you know, four hotel rooms, you are gonna have extras for the family, like your own kitchen to chitchat while dinner is being made, your own backyard to play games, your own garage, your rental cars. So there is definitely something to be set for that. Large groups of people like birthday get-aways, bachelorette parties.
住一周?太神奇了! 在法国乡村,在20英亩的城堡里。这周,旅游者在奥兰多发布了一套两居室的分户出售公寓大厦。6人住,95美元,而你就在迪斯尼附近,海洋世界和环球影城近在咫尺。对一个家庭来说,这是具有巨大价值的选择。 我唯一担心的问题是,住酒店,碰到问题可以投诉,酒店方面会迅速反应,住宅度假在这方面难于酒店相比。 是的,但你首先必须做足功课,保证自己受到保护,保护自己的投资。我的意思是,想想你在易贝买东西的经历,你采取各种措施保障自己买的东西的合法性。如果你要度假,你需要看看以前房客的评价、在付钱之前取得合约、用信用卡付款,而非现金,或汇兑。一旦你确定度假住宅,还要确保你有联系信息。 让我们假想一些情景。这或许是个好主意,第一种是我的梦幻假期,和家人远离之前居住的地方,或家人团圆,或是其他类似的事情。 是的。有些家庭一大家人同聚屋檐下,一些装备齐全的家庭会更好,这是毫无疑问的。但你想想如果你租四居室的房子,与订四间酒店房间相比,对你的家庭来说,能得到更多,比如:自己的厨房,一家人一边准备晚餐,一边闲谈;或自己的后院,大家一起玩游戏;你自己的车库、租车。因此,肯定会有为你自己准备的东西。很多人都喜欢生日度假和单身派对。