Coshocton  俄亥俄州的一个城市

Ohio  俄亥俄州(美国)

Eric Bettinger (人名)

Case Western Reserve University  凯斯西储大学

FSB  俄罗斯联邦安全局

Viktor Yushchenko  维克多·尤先科(乌克兰前总统)

Some American schools pay teachers more if their students improve on tests. Now, there is a growing movement to pay the students, in some cases, even just for coming to class. Schools that pay students can be found in more than 1/4 of the 50 states. Other schools pay students with food or other rewards. In 2004, the city schools in Coshocton, Ohio, launched a program. They wanted to see if paying elementary school students as much as $100 would help in passing state exams. Now, Eric Bettinger of Case Western Reserve University has reported mixed results. Math scores increased, but only while students were able to get paid. And there was no evidence of higher scores in reading, social studies and science. Officials will decide later this year whether to continue the program. Ukraine says that the five alleged Russian spies were caught with a camera concealed inside a pen, other espionage equipment and 2,000 dollars, a reported bribe for a Ukrainian contact. The head of Ukraine's security service says that the five were trying to obtain military secrets. Four of them have been expelled from Ukraine, while the fifth has been detained. Russia's security service, the FSB, has confirmed the detention, but denied the Ukrainian version of events. The FSB said its actions were a response to the recruitment of Russians by the Ukrainian security services. The mutual recriminations come at a highly sensitive time. Just two weeks ago, Russia sent an ambassador to Ukraine after a five-month absence. And on Sunday, Ukrainians will vote in an election to choose a successor to the outgoing President, Viktor Yushchenko. Mr. Yushchenko's time in office has been marked by strained relations with Moscow, and his departure was being seen as an opportunity for an improvement in ties between the two countries.
如果学生考试取得进步,美国的一些学校会付给老师更多的工资。现在,这项运动有了进展,有些情况下,学生仅仅因为到学校上课就可得到奖励。在50个州中,已发现奖励学生的学校超过四分之一。其他学校给学生奖励食物或其他奖品。2004年,俄亥俄州的一个小城的学校推出了一个项目。它们想看看奖励小学生100美元是否有助通过州级考试。目前,凯斯西储大学的艾瑞克公布了双重结果。数学成绩有所提高,但仅在实施奖励的情况下才有此效果。并且尚无证据表明它能提高学生的阅读、社会学和理科的成绩。今年,官员们会决定,是否继续实行这个项目。 乌克兰称,5名被控的俄罗斯间谍被捕,他们的照相机藏在钢笔里,还有其他从事间谍活动的设备以及2000美元。据报道,这是用来贿赂其在乌克兰的接头人。乌克兰国家安全局局长说,这5名间谍正试图获取军事机密。其中4人已被遣返俄罗斯,还有1人被拘禁。俄罗斯联邦安全局证实了乌克兰方面的扣押,但否认乌克兰对此事件的说法。俄罗斯联邦安全局称,这次行动是乌克兰国家安全局对俄罗斯征兵的回应。双方的相互指责到了高度敏感期。仅仅两周前,在大使之位空缺5个月后,俄罗斯派遣大使前往乌克兰。星期天,乌克兰举行投票,选举即将离职的总统维克多·尤先科的继任者。尤先科在职期间的特点是乌克兰与莫斯科关系紧张,而他的离开被看做是改善两国关系的好机会。