Alex: So I'll go in the way I did before, through the cellar and up the __(1)__ chute, which puts me here, right outside the bedroom door. I'll take my mother down the back stairs, and if you wait at this door, we can take the guards out then. It should buy us enough time before they realize there's a __(2)__.

Nikita: You're missing something. How do we get off the estate? We both got here on foot through the woods. I don't think that's an option for your mother.

Alex: We have to steal a car. But that could draw too much attention.

Nikita: Depends on the car. Ari's here, right?

Alex: Yeah.

Nikita: He's got his own car and driver. Only an __(3)__ Gogol agent would try and stop Ari Tasarov's car.

Alex: How do we know which car is his?

Nikita: Ari's driver never leaves the car, for __(4)__ reasons, I'll deal with him, get behind the wheel…

Alex: If they follow us…

Nikita: They won't. I'm going to disable all the other cars. It's a little __(5)__ Michael taught me. If you can delay your enemy for even a few minutes…

Alex: It might be enough to win the day. You taught me that. Thank you for helping us.

Nikita: Don't thank me yet.

laundry breach insane security trick
艾丽克丝:我从这边走,我以前走过,穿过地窖,从洗衣通道上去就能到这儿,就在卧室外面,我带着妈妈从后面的楼梯走,如果你在这扇门等着,我们到时就能合力干掉守卫,应该能赶在他们意识到有人侵入前帮我们争取到足够时间。 尼基塔:你遗漏了一个环节,我们怎么离开这庄园?我们都是徒步穿过林子进来的,我想你妈妈大概做不到。 艾丽克丝:我们得偷辆车,但那样就太暴露了。 尼基塔:那得看是什么车了,阿里是在这里,对吗? 艾丽克丝:对。 尼基塔:他自己有车有司机,果戈理的人要是疯了才会拦阿里•塔瑟洛夫的车。 艾丽克丝:我们怎么知道哪辆车是他的? 尼基塔:阿里的司机人不离车,为了保险,我去对付他,把车搞到手、、、 艾丽克丝:他们要是跟着我们、、、 尼基塔:不会的,我会把其他车都弄坏,这是迈克尔教我的小伎俩,如果你能哪怕是拖住你的敌人几分钟、、、 艾丽克丝:就能助你马到成功,你教过我的。谢谢你帮我们。 尼基塔:别谢太早。