Percy: So, now you want to take down Oversight, and your big hope is the little __(1)__. That's just sad.

Amanda: I need some __(2)__ to keep the lights on around here. Bringing down Oversight is something we all want. You, me, even the librarian here.

Percy: __(3)__ me, what's in it for me?

Amanda: Fine. I'll give you your things back, if you give him something useful.

Percy: How about I give him the mercy of a __(4)__ death?

Amanda: Well, that wouldn't be very polite, would it?

Percy: Yeah? What are you gonna do about it? Kill me?

Amanda: Three words, Percy, medically induced coma.

Percy: Consider the __(5)__.

Amanda: Play nice.

librarian leverage Remind quick consequences
珀西:所以现在你想扳倒上峰了,而你唯一的希望却是一个书呆子,真悲剧。 阿曼达:为了让这里的灯继续亮着你得付出点筹码。扳倒上峰可是我们共同的目标,你和我,甚至还有这个书呆子。 珀西:再提醒我一边,这对我有什么好处? 阿曼达:好吧,如果你能给他些有用的信息,我会把属于你的东西还给你。 珀西:那我赐他一死如何? 阿曼达:这样恐怕不礼貌吧。 珀西:是吗,你打算怎么阻止我?杀了我吗? 阿曼达:就一招,珀西,药物诱导性昏迷。 珀西:那就算了。 阿曼达:温柔点。