Alex: I don't have to be here.

Percy: Actually, you do. If I told Amanda you warned Nikita about dear old dad, you might just lose your head. Speaking of Nikita, now that you two are palling around again, you got any __(1)__ ideas on how you might be able to get that black box back? Does put you in a bit of a pickle, doesn't it? If you don't get Amanda the box, she won't get to the resources you need to __(2)__ Semak.

Alex: What do you want?

Percy: I want you to think about what you really need in order to take out Semak. __(3)__? Weapons? Nothing you couldn't buy on your own.

Alex: If I had the money, which I don't.

Percy: But what if you did? See, I just happen to have this __(4)__ account with some funds that need shuffling. You make a transfer for me, I'll give you 100,000 bucks. That should be enough to get your mission off the ground, don't do you think?

Alex: Why would you need to make a transfer? You can't buy anything in here.

Percy: Amanda's been trying to get her hands on that money ever since she __(5)__ me. And I'm not about to let her get it.

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艾丽克丝:我不必过来见你。 珀西:实际上,你必须过来。如果我告诉阿曼达你把尼基塔老爸的情况告诉了她,你可能就没命了。说到尼基塔,既然你们又混到一起了,你有没有什么好办法把黑盒取回来呢?你有些不知所措了吧,如果你不把黑盒交给阿曼达,她就不为你提供除掉斯迈克的资源。 艾丽克丝:你到底想要什么? 珀西:我想让你思考,要除掉斯迈克你真正需要的是什么?增援?武器?你都可以自己花钱买到。 艾丽克丝:前提是我得有钱,可我身无分文。 珀西:如果你有了钱呢?我正好有个离岸账户,其中的资金需要进行转移,如果你能帮我转账,我就给你十万块,这笔钱应该足够让你开始这项任务,你觉得呢? 艾丽克丝:你为什么要转账呢?你被困在这里,买不了东西。 珀西:阿曼达背叛我之后就一直想染指那笔钱,但我不想让她得逞。