Cassandra: It must have been a __(1)__ to find out about Max. I guess I should explain myself.

Michael: I got you stuck in a false marriage, you had to __(2)__ was real. You did what you had to do.

Nikita: What's the hell?

Birkhoff: Just take it easy. It's just a walk. Anyway, she can't kick ass like you.

Nikita: Shut up, Birkhoff. __(3)__ in on that guy. Looks like he's shadowing them.

Cassandra: I knew if I stayed in Belarus, I'd never be able to get out from under Ovechkin's __(4)__. His oppressive politics. All of it. That's why I came here. I wanted a fresh start.

Michael: Do you know anyone in the city? When I headed up to your place, I saw someone leaving.

Cassandra: You mean Nigel. He's a friend, I've known him since Oxford.

Michael: Hey, is everything okay?

Nikita: You've got a tail. 7:00. Peacoat.

Michael: How do you…

Nikita: London street __(5)__. He's moving in.

Michael: Here, come here. Get away from here, now!

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卡珊德拉:知道马克斯的身份,你一定很吃惊,我应该向你解释的。 迈克尔:我害你陷入一场假婚,你还要一直演戏,你这样做也是情理之中的。 尼基塔:怎么回事? 伯克霍夫:放轻松,只不过散个步。再说,她又没你那么身手不凡。 尼基塔:闭嘴,伯克霍夫,放大那个人,他好像在跟踪他们。 卡珊德拉:我知道如果留在白俄罗斯,我将无法摆脱暴君奥维奇金之妻的名号,他的暴政以及这一切,所以我才来伦敦,我想重新开始。 迈克尔:你在城里有熟人吗?我去你家的时候,看到有人从屋里出来。 卡珊德拉:你是说奈杰尔吧,他是我的朋友,我们在牛津的时候就认识了。 迈克尔:出了什么事? 尼基塔:有人盯梢,7点钟方向,穿双排扣大衣。 迈克尔:你怎么、、、 尼基塔:通过伦敦街头的摄像头,他走近了。 迈克尔:来,过来,赶紧离开这里。