Alex: After Division burned it down, Sergei Semak rebuilt it. He lives in it now.

Sean: With no __(1)__, I'm sure you could just walk right in, put a bullet in him.

Alex: I'm going to Russia, and I'm going to kill him. So don't try to talk me out of it.

Sean: How do you plan on getting into Russia? If you had Division support, you could hop a C - 130 out of Ramstein, __(2)__ in –

Alex: Oh, is that how Captain America would do it?

Sean: Lieutenant __(3)__, and, yes, I would. Semak still his own division hunting you, remember?

Alex: He won't see me coming.

Sean: Yeah? Zetrov owns two airlines and two shipping firms, which means Semak has every __(4)__ official in his back pocket – land, sea, and air. There's no way Alexandra Udinov gets back into Russia.

Alex: She doesn't. I'm going as someone else. Someone that I used to be.

Sean: You're going back the same way you came in.

Alex: Illegally and completely under the __(5)__.

Sean: You really did your homework.

Alex: Yeah, that's something Nikita taught me. If you don't want to go to plan B, have a good plan A.

security parachute commander border radar
艾丽克丝:被组织烧成灰烬之后,谢尔盖•斯迈克重建了房子,他现在住在那里。 肖恩:要是没有保镖的话,你就可以随便推门进去一枪崩了他。 艾丽克丝:我要去俄罗斯,而且要亲手杀了他,被想劝我回头。 肖恩:你打算怎么进入俄罗斯境内?如果有了组织做支援,你可以从拉姆施泰因搭一架C-130 跳伞入境••• 艾丽克丝:敢问你这位美国上校就这点本事吗? 肖恩:我是海军少校,而且我会这么做,斯迈克的手下还在追捕你,记得吗? 艾丽克丝:他不会知道我的行踪的。 肖恩:是吗?泽特洛夫拥有两家航空公司和两家船运公司,也就是说陆海空三栖的边境官员都在他的权势控制之下,亚历山德拉•乌迪诺夫休想重返俄罗斯。 艾丽克丝:乌迪诺夫不行,那我就换个身份,以我以前的身份。 肖恩:你想以进入美国的方式回去。 艾丽克丝:虽说违法,但却能暗度陈仓。 肖恩:你还真是做足功课了。 艾丽克丝:是啊,这是尼基塔教我的,如果不想被迫启动后备计划,那就做个过硬的第一手计划。