Cassandra: Thank you for everything.

Nikita: He's great boy.

Cassandra: He's my world. And he likes you.

Nikita: We did have some __(1)__ time together. He's a talker. He told me his favorite food, what kind of dog he wants, why he hates practicing piano. His birthday. It's weird, kids are so __(2)__ about their age. Max insisted he that he wasn't four. In fact, he's a little over five, isn't he? My best guess, born nine months after Michael’s mission. Michael is Max's father.

Cassandra: Are you going to tell him? It would mean an end to all of our futures. You know what kind of man he is. He would never be able to stay away. And if our __(3)__ found out, how long would it take before one of them came to hurt Max or get at Michael? In our world, families are __(4)__. Our loved ones are our __(5)__. The decision is yours.

quality precise enemies liability weaknesses
卡珊德拉:万分感谢。 尼基塔:他好乖。 卡珊德拉:他是我的全部,而且他很喜欢你。 尼基塔:我们玩得很开心,他很能聊。他告诉我他最喜欢吃什么,喜欢什么样的狗狗,为什么讨厌练琴。还有他的生日。真奇怪,小孩子都要把他们的年纪说的很准确,马克斯坚持说他不止四岁,其实他是五岁多一点,对吗?我猜应该是迈克尔完成任务九个月以后,迈克尔是马克斯的爸爸。 卡珊德拉:你打算告诉他吗?那我们的生活都会一团糟的,你知道他的为人,他绝不可能放下,这一旦被我们的敌人发现,他们就会利用马克斯威胁迈克尔。对我们来说,家人就是负担,至亲至爱之人就是软肋。决定权在你。