Nikita: First step is to make contact. Do you have any open lines of __(1)__ to her?

Michael: No, not since the op ended.

Nikita: How did you acquire her as an __(2)__?

Michael: Standard raven __(3)__.

Nikita: I don't know you had to do those kinds of missions.

Michael: It's part of the job.

Nikita: Yeah, I know. You know I know.

Michael: I was never as good as you. I – I mean I found that I couldn't –

Nikita: Leave your __(4)__ out of it?

Michael: She was just a mission, nothing else.

Nikita: How many other missions were there?

Michael: Nikita…

Nikita: Michael, you were my __(5)__ at division. You knew every single time I had to be Josephine.

Michael: One. Cassandra was the only one.

communication asset protocol feelings handler
尼基塔:第一步应先与她取得联系,你有联络她的正常渠道吗? 迈克尔:没有,行动结束后就没有了。 尼基塔:那你怎么策反她做线人的? 迈克尔:标准软手段。 尼基塔:我不知道这种任务还需要你亲自出马。 迈克尔:这是工作的一部分。 尼基塔:我了解,你清楚我了解的。 迈克尔:这方面我没你那么出色。我的意思是我发现自己无法、、、 尼基塔:将工作与感情分开? 迈克尔:她只是任务的一部分,别无其他。 尼基塔:你参加过多少次这种行动? 迈克尔:尼基塔、、、 尼基塔:迈克尔,你是我在组合的监管人,你清楚我每一次办成约瑟芬的行动。 迈克尔:只有这一次,卡珊德拉是唯一一个。