Nikita: There should be fewer police here than at the Ankara Station. We'll be safe here until we have to __(1)__ the train.

Kelly: Good. I saw you die.

Nikita: I needed you to. Division had to believe I was dead.

Kelly: You should have __(2)__ me.

Nikita: You would have reported me to division. "It's __(3)__, Nikita". You were always like that.

Kelly: Yeah, well, I wasn't as __(4)__ as you. I couldn't bat my eyeslashes at Michael and get out of trouble. Speaking of Michael, who'd you have to screw over to get him out?

Nikita: I didn't screw over you. Not on __(5)__, division did. You were captured, division washed their hands of you. I found out you're alive, I dropped everything to come here. Four years in prison, they did nothing.

board warned protocol special purpose
尼基塔:这边应该比安卡拉车站的警察要少,在我们上火车前,我们在这里很安全。 凯莉:很好。我看到你死了。 尼基塔:我也没办法,必须要让组织相信我死了。 凯莉:你应该提醒我的。 尼基塔:那样你就会向组织报告,“尼基塔,这是规矩”,你一直都是这样。 凯莉:是,没错,我没有你那么与众不同,我不能对迈克尔暗送秋波从而摆脱困境。说到迈克尔,要把他救出来你还得害谁? 尼基塔:我没有害你,不是故意的,是组织干的。你被抓后,组织极力与你撇清关系,我发现你还活着,就抛下一切来到这里,你坐了四年的牢,他们却袖手旁观。