Percy: Right on time. Good to see you.

Alex: Wish I could say the same.

Percy: I must __(1)__ I'm surprised. I have to be here for the time being, but you, you choose to be a prisoner. I wonder why that is.

Alex: I need to ask you about operation game change. Nikita's broken Tony Merrick out of Leavenworth.

Percy: Straight to business. Bad etiquette. Your father raised you better than that.

Alex: Don't you ever mention my father.

Percy: Okay, we'll talk about your mother.

Alex: Amanda said you would help.

Percy: I'm trying to. What was her name? You __(2)__ spoke of her. There must be a reason why you keep seeking out mother figures. What was her name? I forget.

Alex: No, you don't.

Percy: But do you? Have you forgotten her, Alex?

Alex: Her name was Katya, and she was better than all of you. Amanda, Nikita, you're all killers, and she never hurt anyone. There was no reason for her to die, no reason.

Percy: I see her __(3)__ in you, Alex, which is why I'm going to help you. You want to know where Nikita is going next.

Alex: If you know where, say it.

Percy: I don't know where, I know who. And I can tell you, in exchange for a small __(4)__. A television, with a live news feed. The more I know about what's going on in the world, the more I can help you predict Nikita's next move.

Alex: Amanda will never go for that.

Percy: But she will, because I'm going to give you a gift in advance as a show of good __(5)__.

admit rarely strength token faith
珀西:真是准时,见到你很高兴。 艾丽克丝:我倒是也想这么对你说。 珀西:我得承认我有点惊讶,我现在是不得以才待在这里的,但你选择成为囚徒,我想知道为什么。 艾丽克丝:我想问你一些关于比赛变数行动的问题,尼基塔在莱文沃思监狱帮助托尼•梅瑞克越狱了。 珀西:直切重点,真不礼貌,你父亲可不是这样教你的。 艾丽克丝:你再敢提我父亲。 珀西:好吧,我们来谈谈你的母亲。 艾丽克丝:阿曼达说你会帮忙。 珀西:我正在帮。她叫什么名字?你很少提起她,怪不得你总是喜欢追随那些有母性的女人,她叫什么来着?我都忘了。 艾丽克丝:不,你没忘。 珀西:你呢?你也忘了吗,艾丽克丝? 艾丽克丝:她叫卡特娅,你们谁都比不上她,阿曼达,尼基塔,你们都是冷血杀手,但她从不伤害无辜,她不该死的,不应该。 珀西:我在你身上看到她的倔强,艾丽克丝,所以我才想要帮你,你肯定想知道尼基塔接下来的动向。 艾丽克丝:知道的话就别绕弯子。 珀西:我不知道她要去哪,但知道她要找谁。我可以告诉你,但要跟你换样东西,一台电视,要能收看实时新闻,外面的事情我知道的越多,就越能预测尼基塔接下来的动作。 艾丽克丝:阿曼达肯定不会同意的。 珀西:她会的,因为我要先送你们一份大礼以表诚意。