Amanda: Alex, you look lovely.

Alex: Thanks. Love what you've done with the place.

Amanda: All I've really done is try and bring us back to basics. I'm just trying to clean up Percy's mess. Active recruitment is on __(1)__, and we're not taking jobs for money. Division was created to stop threats, and right now our most dangerous threat is…

Alex: Nikita.

Amanda: She can cause a lot of pain and __(2)__ with that black box.

Alex: Especially for your bosses. Oversight.

Amanda: For the world, Alex. You said you had a lead on her.

Alex: That depends.

Amanda: On what?

Alex: On you. I want you to __(3)__ our deal. I help you get the black box if you help me get the man who ordered my father's death. I need satellite intelligence, tactical support, a way into Russia, and a way out.

Amanda: Yeah, it's not that simple.

Alex: It's one man.

Amanda: Sergei Semak is not just one man. He's the head of a corporate __(4)__ whose net – worth eclipses most small countries.

Alex: Zetrov was my father's company. I know how big it is.

Amanda: Do you? Zetrov holds the bulk of Russia's oil and natural gas leases. As well as finance, media, aviation, and sports. Sergei Semak has __(5)__ in the Kremlin. He practically owns the Russian mafia. He's one of the hardest targets on this planet.

Alex: So is Nikita.

Amanda: Alex, if you help us, we will help you, trust me.

hold suffering honor empire allies
阿曼达:艾丽克丝,你真美。 艾丽克丝:谢谢,我很喜欢你对这里所做的改造。 阿曼达:我不过是设法让它复原,尽量收拾珀西的烂摊子,我们暂时不招募新人了,也不打算接私活了,成立组织的目的在于消除威胁,而目前我们最大的危险就是、、、 艾丽克丝:尼基塔。 阿曼达:有了黑盒,她会到处惹是生非制造麻烦。 艾丽克丝:尤其是针对你的老大,上峰。 阿曼达:是为了天下太平,艾丽克丝。你说你有她的线索了。 艾丽克丝:看情况咯。 阿曼达:看什么? 艾丽克丝:看你的表现,我希望你信守承诺,如果你帮我找到下令杀害我父亲的人,我就会帮你拿到黑盒,我需要卫星情报,战术支援以及潜入和撤出俄罗斯的途径。 阿曼达:这可没那么简单。 艾丽克丝:不过是抓个人罢了。 阿曼达:谢尔盖•斯迈克可不简单,他是这个企业帝国的一把手,他的资产净值甚至超过了大多数小国家。 艾丽克丝:泽特洛夫是我父亲的公司,我清楚它的规模。 阿曼达:是吗?泽特洛夫控制着俄罗斯大部分的石油和天然气租赁权,还涉及金融,传媒,航空,体育产业。谢尔盖•斯迈克在克里姆林宫也有盟友,事实上他还是俄国黑手党的幕后首脑,他是地球上最难对付的家伙之一。 艾丽克丝:尼基塔不也一样。 阿曼达:艾丽克丝,如果你帮我们,我们也会帮你,相信我。