Alex: I don't want any trouble.

Nikita: Should have thought of that before you __(1)__ me.

Alex: I was trying to save your life. If I didn't do something, we'd both be dead. I was __(2)__, but I'm clear now. I just came by to get my I.D. packet and then I'm gonna go.

Nikita: Alex, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Alex: Then drop your gun.

Nikita: Drop yours. Let's talk about what this is really about, or what you think it's about. They told you I killed your father.

Alex: You were just following orders, right?

Nikita: No, our orders were to kill your __(3)__ family. I chose to divide those orders and get you out. It was the first time I ever took a __(4)__ against Division. I headed toward your bedroom. I didn’t have a choice.

Alex: Why didn't you just tell me the truth?

Nikita: It was just never the right time. I didn't know how you would react.

Alex: No, you just didn't trust me __(5)__ to handle it. So now I can't trust you.

shot compromised entire stand enough
艾丽克丝:我不想制造麻烦。 尼基塔:那你开枪射我之前就应该想到这点。 艾丽克丝:我是在救你,要是我不这么做,我们都得死。我是倒戈了,但现在我自由了,我只是过来拿我的身份证明,然后我就离开。 尼基塔:艾丽克丝,我不会伤害你的。 艾丽克丝:那放下你的枪。 尼基塔:你先放。我们来谈谈这一切到底是为了什么或者说你认为这是为了什么。他们对你说,我是你的杀父仇人。 艾丽克丝:你只是奉命行事,对吗? 尼基塔:不,我们接到的命令是杀了你们全家,我选择部分执行来救你一命,这是我第一次违抗组织的命令。我走向你的卧室,我别无选择。 艾丽克丝:你为什么不告诉我真相呢? 尼基塔:时机总是还不成熟,我不知道你会作何反应。 艾丽克丝:不,是你不相信我能处理这件事,所以我现在不能相信你。