Agent: The weapon __(1)__ inside the heart of the CIA. Three agents shot dead within our home. Now, people are gonna be looking to me for answers, and I will have them.

Nikita: No, you won't.

Ryan: Sir, if I can just –

Agent: Shut up and stand there!

Nikita: By the end of today, you'll have no choice but to put me in a burn bag and __(2)__ me over the Potomac. Like any other dirty secret, you can't afford to have on record.

Ryan: Sir, you are looking at this all wrong. She averted the attack.

Agent: If you want to help your friend here, you get her to talk.

Ryan: I have a better idea. We let her go. Just listen, Division is real, they are dangerous and they are __(3)__, but by who?

Agent: Not this agency.

Ryan: Exactly. If we're gonna find out, we have to do it carefully. And Nikita can help us. I can stay in contact with her, and we'll deliver the intel __(4)__ to you.

Agent: Get him out of here.

Nikita: Wait.

Agent: Wait.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Nikita: It was worth a try, right? Maybe you can use this to launch a quiet __(5)__.

Ryan: It's gonna be hard to do from Leavenworth or the supermax prison in Colorado. Depends on where I end up.

detonated spread sanctioned directly investigation
特工:武器在中情局总部被引爆,有三名特工被当场射杀,现在,我需要给大家一个交代,我需要知道实情。 尼基塔:不,你不会的。 瑞安:长官,我可以—— 特工:闭嘴,老实站在那里。 尼基塔:今天结束的时候,你别无选择,只能把我装进焚烧袋,扔进波托马克河,像其他不可告人的秘密一样,你不敢把它记录在案。 瑞安:长官,你误解了,是她阻止了袭击。 特工:要想帮助你的朋友,就让她开口。 瑞安:我有个更好的主意,我们放她走。听着,组织是真实存在的,他们异常危险,并且幕后有保护伞,但是是谁? 特工:不是我们。 瑞安:确实。如果要查明真相,我们必须要小心谨慎,而尼基塔可以帮助我们,我可以和她保持联系,我们可以直接向你汇报情况。 特工:把他带出去。 尼基塔:等等。 特工:等等。 瑞安:抱歉。 尼基塔:值得一试,对吧?也许你可以借此机会展开秘密调查。 瑞安:要是去了莱文沃思或者被送进科罗拉多的重罪监狱就难办了,这要看我的造化了。