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  • 凯特王妃高调晒娃,路易小王子会走路了

    年在一封暖心的信里写道:“有质量的陪伴对我而言是家庭生活中如此重要的一部分,我是一位母亲,我很珍惜和家人一起在户外玩这样简单的家庭时光。”[/cn] [en]Last week, Kate revealed that her youngest was “keeping us on our toes,” making people wonder if he was walking already.[/en][cn]上周凯特自曝她小王子最小的孩子“一直让我们高度警觉”,大家猜想他是不是已经会走路了。[/cn] [en]“I turned around the other day and he was at the top of the slide — I had no idea!” she said during an outing to a War II code-breaking center in London on Tuesday.[/en][cn]她周二去伦敦二战密码破译中心时说:“前几天我转身一看他都已经到滑梯上面了,我真是没想到!”[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 小王子用英文怎么说

    小王子的英文: princekin参考例句: The young prince was fostered in the home of the duke. 小王子在公爵家里长大。 The media's obsession with the young prince continues. 新闻媒体继续对小王子进行连篇累牍的报道。 The boy should go to his mother and ask her to search his hair for lice 让小王子去找他母亲,让妈妈给他抓头发里的虱子。princekin是什么意思: n. 幼君;小君主 到沪江小D查看小王子的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 小腿的英文>> 小偷的英文怎么说>> 小亭子的英文怎么说>> 小贴士的英语怎么说>> 小贴饼子的英文>>

  • 英闻天天译: 小王子近照

    《英闻天天译》是一档沪江部落的原创翻译互动节目(戳去参与节目>>>),主持人提供翻译参考文本,对大家递交的翻译作品进行点评,和大家共同进步!本期节目选取的是关于英国王室发布小王子近照的一则英文报道,让我们一起在翻译中关注。 BACKGROUND:  最近,英国王室发布了一组小王子的照片,乔治王子抱着刚出生不久的妹妹,十分可爱~~ CONTENT: Cradling his two-week-old little sister in his lap, Prince George plants a loving kiss on Princess Charlotte, proving he is every inch the proud big brother. Captured here in a beautiful series of [w]photograph[/w]s, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge and released last night by Kensington Palace, it’s clear how much the new [w]sibling[/w]s have bonded. The first official photographs of the Princess were taken at the family's country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, just two weeks after Charlotte’s birth on May 2.   KEY POINTS: Cradle (小心轻柔地)抱着 every inch 在各方面 Capture 拍摄 Duchess 公爵夫人 Kensington Palace 肯辛顿宫 sibling 兄弟姐妹 bond 建立关系 Norfolk 诺福克(英格兰东部的郡名)   REFERENCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3113786/By-George-s-gorgeous-Heart-melting-portrait-Princess-Charlotte-enjoying-cuddle-older-brother-adorable-picture-taken-doting-mum-Norfolk-home.html   【沪江英语小编】大家在查看主持人提供的翻译版本前,可以先自己进行尝试翻译练习,只有在不断的翻译中翻译能力才能有所提升哦! 轻松注册沪江,马上参与【英闻天天译】节目练翻译→ 本期节目参考译文:(参考译文由该节目主持人提供,仅供参考,欢迎大家讨论) 参考译文1: 乔治王子将两周大的妹妹抱在腿上,亲吻夏罗林公主,似乎证明了他在各方面都是一个引以为豪的大哥哥。 这组漂亮的照片是由婚后获封剑桥公爵夫人的凯特拍摄,并在昨晚由肯辛顿宫发布,明显可以看出两兄妹的关系是多么亲密。 这是首次官方发布的王子照片,拍摄在他们位于诺福克的乡村房子安默堡中,5月2日夏罗林出生的两周。 想要得到主持人专业的点评和意见吗?快来节目现场一试身手吧>>

  • 乔治小王子第一天上学,全程委屈脸!

    小王子终于也上学啦。一大早,威廉王子就带着乔治小王子以我还挺高兴我不是他呢。” Duke replied:“It went well. There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children - so I was quite pleased I wasn't the one.” 看来,小王子开学第一天表现还很不错呢! 其实,乔治小王子并不是一个人孤单上学,王室还给他安排了小玩伴——温莎勋爵的大女儿Maude,入读同一个学校、同一个班级。 一头爆炸卷,非常可耐↓↓ 凯特王妃喜迎第三胎 那王妃为什么没来呢?这其实还是个好消息。 本周一,肯辛顿行宫公布了凯特王妃喜怀第三胎! 还发表了声明:由于妊娠反应严重,凯特王妃不得不取消原来的行程,在家安心养胎。 得知消息的王室成员,各个都乐开了花... 哈里王子第一个跑出来祝福,他表示自己“非常为哥哥和嫂子高兴”,并称凯特王妃“一切都好”。 Harry was the first royal to comment publicly and said he was 'very, very

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  • 小王子:听写训练34

    每天一分钟左右听写,带你走进小王子的世界。 Hints: torment 文中插图: 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子】听写训练33:http://app.hujiang.com/listen/29798/ So, too, she began very quickly to torment him with her vanity, which was, if the truth be known, a little difficult to deal with. One day, for instance, when she was speaking of her four thorns, she said to the little prince: "Let the tigers come with their claws." "There are no tigers on my planet," the little prince objected. "And, anyway, tigers do not eat weeds." "I am not a weed." the flower replied, sweetly. "Please excuse me..." "I am not at all afraid of tigers," she went on. "but I have a horror of drafts. I suppose you wouldn't have a screen for me?" "A horror of drafts that is bad luck, for a plant." remarked the little prince, and added to himself."This flower is a very complex creature..." "At night I want you to put me under a glass globe. It is very cold where you live. In the place I came from." 于是,就这样,这朵花儿就以她那有点敏感多疑的虚荣心折磨着小王子。例 如,有一天,她向小王子讲起她身上长的四根刺: “老虎,让它张着爪子来吧!” 小王子顶了她一句:“在我这个星球上没有老虎,而且,老虎是不会吃草的”。 花儿轻声说道:“我并不是草。” “真对不起。” “我并不怕什么老虎,可我讨厌穿堂风。你没有屏风?” 小王子思忖着:“讨厌穿堂风……这对一株植物来说,真不走运,这朵花儿真 不大好伺候……” “晚上您得把我保护好。你这地方太冷。在这里住得不好,我原来住的那个 地方……” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 小王子:听写训练41

    每天一分钟左右听写,带你走进小王子的世界。 Hints: sire insubordination 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子】听写训练40:http://app.hujiang.com/listen/32013/ But the little prince was wondering. The planet was tiny. Over what could this king really rule? "Sire." he said to him. "I beg that you will excuse my asking you a question." "I order you to ask me a question." the king hastened to assure him. "Sire, over what do you rule?" "Over everything. " said the king, with magnificent simplicity. "Over everything?" The king made a gesture which took in his planet, the other planets and all the stars. "Over all that?" asked the little prince. "Over all that." the king answered. For his rule was not only absolute: it was also universal. "And the stars obey you?" "Certainly they do," the king said. "They obey instantly. I do not permit insubordination." 可是小王子感到很奇怪。这么小的行星,国王他对什么进行统治呢? 他对国王说:“陛下……请原谅,我想问您……” 国王急忙抢着说道:“我命小王子的世界。 Hints: sire insubordination 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子令你问我。” “陛下……你统治什么呢?” 国王非常简单明了地说:“我统治一切。” “一切?” 国王轻轻地用手指着他的行星和其他的行星,以及所有的星星。 小王子说:“统治这一切?” “统治这一切。” 原来他不仅是一个绝对的君主,而且是整个宇宙的君主。 “那么,星星都服从您吗?” “那当然!”国王对他说,“它们立即就得服从。我是不允许无纪律的。” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 小王子:听写训练33

    每天一分钟左右听写,带你走进小王子的世界。 Hints: petals 文中插图: 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子】听写训练32:http://app.hujiang.com/listen/29642/ Then one morning, exactly at sunrise, she suddenly showed herself. And, after working with all this painstaking precision, she yawned and said: "Ah! I am scarcely awake. I beg that you will excuse me. My petals are still all disarranged..." But the little prince could not restrain his admiration: "Oh! How beautiful you are!" "Am I not?" the flower responded, sweetly. "And I was born at the same moment as the sun." The little prince could guess easily enough that she was not any too modest, but how moving and exciting she was. "I think it is time for breakfast," she added an instant later. "If you would have the kindness to think of my needs--" And the little prince, completely abashed, went to look for a sprinkling-can of fresh water. So, he tended the flower. 她已经精细地做了那么长的准备工作,却打着哈欠说道: “我刚刚睡醒,真对不起,瞧我的头发还是乱蓬蓬的……” 小王子这时再也控制不住自己的爱慕心情: “你是多么美丽啊!” 花儿悠然自得地说: “是吧,我是与太阳同时出生的……” 小王子看小王子的世界。 Hints: petals 文中插图: 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子出了这花儿不太谦虚,可是她确实丽姿动人。 她随后又说道:“现在该是吃早点的时候了吧,请你也想着给我准备一点……” 小王子很有些不好意思,于是就拿着喷壶,打来了一壶清清的凉水,浇灌着 花儿。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    每天一分钟左右听写,带你走进小王子的世界。 Hints: 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子】听写训练42:http://app.hujiang.com/listen/32174/ "You." said the little prince firmly. "Exactly. One much require from each one the duty which each one can perform." the king went on. "Accepted authority rests first of all on reason. If you ordered your people to go and throw themselves into the sea, they would rise up in revolution. I have the right to require obedience because my orders are reasonable." "Then my sunset?" the little prince reminded him, for he never forgot a question once he had asked it. “那当然是您的不对。”小王子肯定地回答。 “一点也不错,”国王接着说,“向每个人提出的要求应该是他们所能做到 的。权威首先应该建立在理性的基础上。如果命令你的老百姓去投海,他们非起 来革命不可。我的命令是合理的,所小王子的世界。 Hints: 回顾上期节目>>>>>【小王子以我有权要别人服从。” “那么我提出的日落呢?”小王子一旦提出一个问题,他是不会忘记这个问 题的。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>