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    初中英语该怎么学习呢?一切都要以中考英语考试的标准来要求自己,在英语作文似的比较:   in comparison, likewise, similarly, in the same manner   相反的比较:   on the other hand, conversely, whereas, while, instead, nevertheless, in contrast, on the contrary, compared with …, …   三、换言之   没话说了,可以换一句话再说,让你的文章在多一些字,或者文邹邹地说,是让读者更充分的理解你的观点。   实际就是重复重复再重复!下面的句子实际上就三个字 I love you!   I am enthusiastic about you. That is to say, I love you.   I am wild about you. In other words, I have fallen



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    初中英语作文要怎么入手,不同的学生有不同的方法,但是多看看范文经典句型总是有好处的。下面就是初中英语满分作文定做...    make up one`s mind to do  下定决心做...    表示想 / 希望   want to do = would like to do  想做    hope to do  希望做...    expect to do  期待着做...    wish to do  希望做...    consider doing  考虑做...    只加doing作宾语的动词   finish  完成 / practice  练习 / suggest  建议 / consider 考虑 / mind 介意 / enjoy 喜欢 *doing固定搭配    look forward to doing  盼望做...    keep on doing  坚持做...    dream of doing  梦想做...    can`t help doing  情不自禁做...    keep/stop



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    初中英语有三大从句:名词性从句,形容词性从句(定语从句),以及副词性从句(状语管你是谁,你都不能从这里通过。 注:表示“虽然”的 though, although 不可与 but 连用,但可与 yet, still 连用。 五、原因状语从句 1. 引导原因状语从句的从属连词主要有because, as, since, seeing (that), now (that)等: They can’t have gone out because the light’s on. 他们不可能出去了,因为灯还亮着。 Since you are going, I will go. 既然你去,我也去。 Now that we are alone, we can speak freely. 现在我们单独在一起,可以随便谈了。 2. 除以上提到的大家比较熟悉的引导原因状语从句的从属连词外,when有时也可引导原因

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      初中阶段,英语作文的要求还不是那么困难,但是对于初中生来说这已经是不小的难度了。那么该怎么办呢?怎样才能写出好的作文呢,不断的练习与思考是必须的。当然还可以背诵一些英语范文,下面就是初中英语关于写人叙事类的作文范文,来看看吧!   ❖ 好句积累   【开头句】   1. Today I am glad to introduce a teenager. His name is Cheng Xin.   2. I'm Li Hua and I'm very happy to stand here to talk about myself.   3. There is always



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      初中英语的写作是很多学生头疼的地方,一方面自己的英语水平不够,另一方面写出的东西平淡简单得高分困难。如何让自己在面对中考英语的时候还能游刃有余呢?不妨来看看下面的初中英语作文万能句子,为你的作文增光添彩吧!   1、环保   1. It‘s our duty to protect our environment.   2. It is very important to take care of our environment   3. We should not throw litter onto the ground   4. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees   5. We should plant more flowers and trees.   6. We must pick up some rubbish and throw it into a dustbin   7. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.   2、旅游   1. Last Sunday (Saturday), it was sunny (rainy, windy, foggy)   2. I got up very early (late)。 After breakfast I went to …with my friends by bike, bus,…   3. We enjoyed ourselves.   4. We forgot the time. We didn‘t come back until 5 o‘clock.   5. We all felt very tired, but we were happy.   6. I thought I would never forget this trip.   7. Last summer, my parents and I went to Beijing for our holidays.   8. We visited a lot of places of interest.   9. We had a good time there.   10. We bought a lot of things. The clothes here are good and cheap.   3、比赛   1. Last Sunday, Class One had a football match with Class Two.   2. All of us went to watch it.   3. The match was very exciting.   4. In fact, I have never seen such an exciting match before.   5. The score was 5-3. Our team scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes.   6. Class One won this match. Class Two lost.   7. Class One played well. They deserved to win.   8. Their PE teacher was very pleased with their performance.   4、健康   1. It is very important to keep healthy.   2. How can we keep healthy?   3. We can‘t go to sleep too late. We can‘t get up too late.   4. We should eat the food healthily.   5. We should do more exercise.   6. Last Tuesday I got a cold and had a pain in my head.   7. I didn‘t feel like eating anything.   今年的中考已经过去,明年的还会再来,只初中英语的写作是很多学生头疼的地方,一方面自己的英语要你是要面对这项考试的学生都要拿出自己最大的能力,积累更多的知识,不荒废宝贵的时间。我们都清楚时光一去不再来,人生也是如此,面对中考,沪江小编希望大家能够把自己所学的知识都运用到位。



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    能用将来时。答案是A。   11. ---Will you please show me how to operate the new machine?   ---Sure. It’s a piece of cake. Now let me tell you ____ to do first.   A. what   B. how   C. whether   D. which   解析:whether是否,which哪一个,与题意不符合,而如果用how,do 后面应该有宾语。how to do it.答案为A,what to do first 首先做什么。   12. ---My trousers are______ .   ---I'll buy you a new pair.   A. wore out   B. worn out   C. wearing out   D. sold out   解析:wear out 穿坏,sell out卖完。裤子是被穿坏,而不是主动的,所以是被动语态,答案是B。   13. ---What do you think of these two books?   ---_____ of them are interesting. And I've read them several times.   A. Both   B. Neither   C. None   D. Either   解析:根据题意,是两本书,both“两者都”,neither"两者都不" ,none"一个也没有", either"两者中任何一个"答案是A。   14. ---The artist has got _____ much work to do that he hardly has time to help his wife with the housework.   ---That‟s true. Even on Sundays he is busy with his work.   A. too   B. so   C. very   D. such   解析:本题是考so ...that和such ....that的用法。such是修饰名词,但是如果名词前有many ,much ,little,few等修饰词,则用so 代替such.答案为B。   15. ---How long ____ you ____a fever?   ---Ever since last night.   A. have, got   B. have, had   C. have, caught   D. did, have   解析:根据后面的since我们可以判断要用完成时。而get,catch等瞬间动词在完成时中不



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