• 精选:初中英语演讲稿两则

    will happen and don't compare yourself to other people.Just do your best,and you will be fine.Anything is possible if you do your best,so try to do your best every day. 好了,以上就是今天小编推荐的演讲稿。希望能给大家的英语学习有所帮助。

  • 初中英语演讲稿:我眼中的数学

    一提到“数学”这个词,大家一定会联想到“枯燥”,“复杂”之类的形容词。可这位作者却觉得数学是一门妙趣横生的学科。 为什么他会这么认为呢?快来看看他的这篇英语演讲稿:我眼中的数学。 Hi everyone. My topic today is Maths in my Eyes. When I mention the word “maths” some adjectives will come to mind, boring, difficult and complicated. But I think maths is very interesting. It is used almost

  • 初中英语演讲稿范文:我最喜欢的季节

    一年四季当中你最喜欢哪个季节呢?如果让你写一份关于季节的演讲稿,你知道如何下笔吗?下面是小编整理的初中生英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧: ​My favourite season is spring.    Everything is very lively in the spring. The flowers are blooming, the trees are growing and the grass is turning green. I like lying on the grass and enjoy the sun shine in the park in the spring. We also can fly a kite, have a picnic, go on a trip or climb the mountain, but I don‘t like to do those things, because they will make me feel tired. Some people like to go to the countryside, however I don‘t think it is a good place to go for a rest. I don‘t like the other season, because they are not very warm: summer is too hot, winter is too cold. While autumn is cool, it isn‘t very beautiful.    Last year, I went to the Slender West Lake in Yang Zhou. First we took a boat to travel down the lake, we saw the Qiong flowers on the bank, and they were very beautiful. Then we visited the Five Kiosks Bridge, there were five kiosks on the bridge, and every kiosk has a long history. We sit in the kiosk and took some photos. Last we went to the Fishing Platform. Why do people call it ‗Fishing Platform‘? Because the emperor called ‗Qian Long‘ in Qing Dynasty visited it. We also fished in it. We had a good time in Yang Zhou.   Anyway, my favourite season is spring  好了,以上就是|初中英语演讲稿范文:我最喜欢的季节 |的介绍,大家在写演讲稿时可参考上述的内容,切勿使用复杂啰嗦的句子,更演讲稿,你知道如何下笔吗?下面是小编整理的初中生英语演讲不要采用深奥难懂的句子,另外,不要把文章写成单句的罗列最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 初中英语演讲稿及范文

    sounds very good. I cannot wait to read this book as well. 初中英语演讲稿中文: 大家好,今天我们要向大家介绍几本我们喜欢的书。 我最喜欢的书是《爱的教育》,这本书介绍了意大利孩子艾利克的生活和学习。写发生在安利柯身边各式各样感人的小故事、父母在他日记本上写的劝诫他的文章,以及十则老师在课堂上宣读的精彩的“每月故事”。每章每节,都把“爱”表现得淋漓尽致,从对国家的爱,对民族的爱到对朋友的,父母的爱。都很令人感动。 这本书让我懂得了怎样去爱,让我们在爱中受到教育。所以,我很喜欢这本书  

  • 初中英语演讲稿范文:少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲

    想必大家都知道中国的这句老话:少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲.它的意思是:年轻力壮的时候不奋发图强,到了一头白发的时候学习,悲伤难过也是徒劳。也提醒我们应该珍惜时间,不应浪费时间,如果让你以这段话写篇演讲稿,你知道从哪些方面入手吗?下面是小编整理的初中生英语演讲稿,一起来看看吧: ​Almost everyone knows the famous Chinese saying:A young idler,an old beggar. Throughout history,we have seen many cases in which this saying has again and again proved to be true.    It goes without saying that the youth is the best time of life,during which one's mental and physical states are at their peaks. It takes relatively less time and pains to learn or accept new things in a world full of changes and rapid developments. In addition,one is less likely to be under great pressure from career,family and health problems when young. Therefore,a fresh mind plus enormous energy will ensure success in different aspects of life.    Of course,we all know:no pains,no gains. If we don't make every effort to make good use of the advantages youth brings us,it is impossible to achieve any goals. As students,we should now try our best to learn all the subjects well so that we can be well prepared for the challenges that we will face in the future. 好了,以上就是|初中英语演讲稿范文:少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲|的介绍,大家在写演讲稿时可参考上述的内容,尽量避免复杂的词语,话要说的准确易懂,最好用大众语言最后,希望以上的内容能给大家带来一些帮助。

  • 初中生突破口语的英语演讲稿:钱能买到快乐吗

    英语口语的障碍,就要大敢地将自己的想法说出去,达到灵活运用英语的。而突破口语,可以在平时的练习中以英语演讲稿等地;相当地,同样地;公正地 lack of 缺乏 causes [kɔːz] 原因;理由;事业,目标 distress [dɪˈstrɛs] 忧虑,悲伤;窘迫 view[vjuː] 看法,观点;观看 pursuit [pəˈsjuːt] 追求;追踪;职业;消遣 cheat [tʃiːt] 骗子;欺诈,欺骗,作弊 好了,以上就是小编为大家整理的即兴英语演讲稿,在演讲的时候大家要注意演讲的时间及用辞,在生活中一定要加强对英语口语的练习哦。 。

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