• 奥巴马2012总统竞选演讲:我们已走得太远(视频)

      奥巴马2008年在新罕布什尔州初选后也做了演讲,如今回到当初的地点却再也回不去个时间,奥巴马很创意的发表了名为“We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now”的演讲。有网友说,每次听奥巴马的演讲都会起一身鸡皮疙瘩,可奥巴马2008年在新罕布什尔州初选后也做了演讲,如今回到当初的地点却再也回不去个时间,奥巴马不是吗,历史告诉我们,政治演讲就是博士后导师级别的忽悠,但是每次还是很过瘾的听着。 Four years ago as I had the privilege to travel all across this country and meet Americans from all walks of life. I decided nobody else should have to endure the heartbreak of a broken health care system. No one in the wealthiest nation on earth should go broke because they get sick. Nobody should have to tell their daughters or sons the decisions they can and cannot make for themselves are constrained because of some politicians in Washington. And thanks to you we've made a difference in people's lives. Thanks to you there are folks that I meet today who have gotten care and their cancer's been caught. And they've got treatment. And they are living full lives and it happened because of you. We've come too far to turn back now. We've got too much work to do to implement health care. We've got too much work to do to create good jobs. We've got too many teachers that we've got to hire. We've got too many schools that we've got to rebuild. We've got too many students who still need affordable higher education. There's more [w]homegrown[/w] energy to [w]generate[/w]. There more troops that we've got to bring home. There more doors of opportunity we've got to open to anybody who is willing to work hard and walk through those doors. We've got to keep building an economy where no matter what you look like or where you come from, you can make it here if you try. And you can leave something behind for the next generation, that's what at stake right now Colorado. That's why I'm running for President of the United States of America. That's why I'm asking for your vote. I still believe in you. And if you still believe in me, and if you're willing to stand with me, and knock on some doors with me, and make some phone calls with me, and talk to your neighbor and friends about what's at [w]stake[/w]—we will win this election. We will finish what we started. And we'll remind the world why America is the greatest nation on earth. God bless you and God bless the United States of America. 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"沪江英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措施移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。

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    相关中文资讯 墨西哥湾漏油事件([w]oil spill[/w])、弗吉尼亚煤矿爆炸([w]explosion of coal mines[/w])、医疗改革([w]health care reform[/w])……遇到种种突发情况和重要事件,美国总统奥巴马总是会发表各种演讲,或是安抚人心([w]placatory[/w])、或是激励斗志([w]inspiring[/w])。而为奥巴马撰写这些演讲稿的,是一个由许多才思敏捷的写手组成的团队,他们被称为“奥巴马的大脑”。 奥巴马演讲每周更新>>> 在奥巴马赢得总统选举时,许多人认为,才气横溢的弗兰克尔等人所撰写的演讲稿,为奥巴马赢得了许多选民([w]voter[/w])的支持,是奥巴马获胜的重要因素之一。 弗兰克尔认为,奥巴马的演讲都是从头到尾有理有据、详尽论述的,而且各个演讲要点以合理的顺序排列。“奥巴马演讲时让我佩服的地方在于,他总是能够坚持演讲的整体性,不会随意地插入无用的东西……当然,他也会适时地加入一些有助于演讲的内容。 ” 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"沪江英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措施移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。

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    奥巴马正式与总统大位拜拜了,他的卸任演讲(farewell address)也结束了。 完整视频如下: 英文字幕如下:↓上下滑动鼠标滚轮 查看全部↓   Hello Skybrook! It’s good to be home! Thank you, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s good to be home. Thank you. We’re on live TV here, I’ve got to move. You can tell

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    boring.[/en][cn]我来告诉你们为什么我不让“说教专家”上我的秀:因为他们真的很无聊。[/cn] [en]If they're conservative, they're going to hate Obama and food stamps and abortion. [/en][cn]如果TA是个保守派,那一定讨厌奥巴马、粮票和堕胎。[/cn] [en]If they're liberal, they're going to hate big banks and oil corporations and Dick Cheney. [/en][cn]如果TA是个自由派,那一定会讨厌大银行

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    At the crowded University of Arizona, US president Barack Obama [w=console]consoled[/w] the nation over Saturday's shooting [w]spree[/w] in Tucson. With a half-hour speech, Obama paid tribute to the six people killed and 14 wounded. The tribute began with [w]solemn[/w] music. Obama promised the families of the victims he was praying for them now and would stand by them in the future. He also vowed to punish the person responsible. President Barack Obama bows his head at a memorial service in Tucson, Ariz., to honor the victims of a shooting rampage that that killed six people andleft 14 injured, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, on the University of Arizona campus, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011. At right is first lady Michelle Obama and Mark Kelly, husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and at left is intern Daniel Hernandez.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Following a hospital bedside visit with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the target of the assassination, Obama shared some good news. As the memorial service was underway, investigators were piecing together the timeline of suspect Jared Loughner's [w]frenzied[/w] morning before the [w]assassination[/w]. He seemed to have a serious [w]confrontation[/w] with his father in a mega-store before the shooting spree. Federal prosecutors have charged Loughner, 22, with five [w=count]counts[/w] so far. He faces a possible death sentence. 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"沪江英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措施移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。

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    have for [w]meow[/w]. Hope you have a great day. For CNN Student News, I'm Carl Azuz. 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"沪江英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措施移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。  奥巴马校园开学演讲 综合媒体9月14日报道,根据白宫发布的发布的演讲摘要透露,奥巴马总统14日的演讲将谴责校园暴力,告诉学生们其自身在高中校园中所进行的种族身份斗争。奥巴马将表示,作为一名